Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you are your own boss. You set your own schedule, set out the work you’d like to accomplish, and, most importantly, set goals for yourself and your business. Goal setting is crucial for every entrepreneur, whether they’re just starting out chasing their dreams or they’ve been doing it for years. But often, setting goals seems like a stressful and daunting task. Here’s a look at setting goals that keep you on track, motivated, and growing.

1. Figure it Out

The first step in setting great goals as an entrepreneur is to figure out exactly what it is you want. Your goals should be specific and realistic.

  • Specificity keeps you motivated to reach an exact goal. Don’t set your goal as “I’d like to create a ton of accounts this year;” make your goal specific so you know what you’re working to accomplish.
  • Goals must be realistic to keep you on track. An unattainable goal makes an entrepreneur feel like a failure, even though the problem is that their goals are unrealistic. If it’s your first year in business, setting a goal to earn $5 million isn’t the most realistic.

2. Write it Down

The first step in setting great goals is to write them down. Writing your goals down gets them out of your head and makes them physical, something you can see with your eyes and hold in your hands. When you write your goals down, you can post them in your home, car, or office, somewhere you’ll see them often and be reminded of what you’re working towards.

3. Set a Deadline

Setting a deadline is the perfect way to keep you on track to reaching your goals. Whether your goals are short-term or long, set a deadline to keep you moving towards your goals in a timely manner.

4. Set a Plan

After your goal and your deadline are in place, figure out exactly what steps you must take to achieve your goal by your deadline. Consider these “mini-goals,” smaller things that get you closer to your bigger goals. Using these smaller goals will push you to be motivated and progressing towards achieving your goals.

5. Keep Track of Your Progress

As you complete your “mini-goals,” keep track of them. Record when you accomplished the tasks you needed to perform, keeping you on track and focused on your goals.

6. Keep Working

Every day, figure out and do something to keep you moving towards your goals. However small a task may seem, it isn’t insignificant if it pushes you further toward accomplishing what you want. Even after you reach a goal, keep working to exceed your original expectations. Never give up on your goals, and never stop working to reach them.

Whether it’s your first day as an entrepreneur or your twentieth year, setting goals is always important to keep you motivated, on track, and to keep your business growing, focused, and progressing.

Nov 30, 2017