Hats Off To You, College Grads

If you’re in your early twenties, this post is for you. At this moment in life, you are most likely overwhelmed with some of the toughest questions you’ve ever faced. It probably goes something like this: what will you choose for a career? What are your strengths? Are you prepared enough to be an entrepreneur right out of college?

Am I close?

Before you crawl under the covers, remember, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have all the answers. Just as everyone has been repeating up to this point – no one else had it figured out either when they were in your position. Now repeat after me, “I can become an entrepreneur.” The fact that everything is new and available to you means you are defined by nothing. Take your creative genius and get to work – there are a lot of challenges ahead, but if you want to succeed, you first have to believe you can.

We’ll go ahead and say it – money is a big obstacle that you’ll have to overcome, especially right out of college. There are many resources online as far as budgeting and being smart about your expenses, but in order to get the cash flow you need, you might want to look at working a couple of different jobs. Side projects will not only pay the bills, it will give you good experience, assist in growing your network and it will build your skill set.

Just because you graduated doesn’t mean you can stop learning. As an entrepreneur, knowledge is the difference between success and staying idle. Become an expert in your field, stick to tough goals and focus on the mistakes you made and how to improve. Don’t worry too much about what you didn’t get from college — think instead on what you can do now and what you want to become.

Last, in the chaos of trying to get your life together, don’t zero in on what everyone else is doing. Comparing yourself to others will not benefit you. It will open the door to jealousy, insecurities, uncertainty and negativity. Stick to doing what you love and be okay with that. Trust yourself and lean on others for support. If you put your network, education, passion and hard work in order, there’s no reason why you can’t succeed.


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Aug 27, 2015