Have You Settled?

You successfully went through the process and now you own a franchise or new business. The first three years have passed on without too much trouble, and you have fallen in love with the freedom of being your own boss. For you, the hard part is over…or so you thought.

Look 10 years…15…20 years down the road. The challenge now is keeping the years to come filled with unique perspective and fresh, exciting ideas. Staying motived while keeping your business thriving takes effort. Even if you are where you want to be, it doesn’t mean everyday will be all sunflowers and daisies. Here are ways to keep your goals on track and the passion alive.

  • Realistic Goals: The world around you is rapidly changing, which means your business should be too. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment, track your progress and celebrate the small milestones as well.
  • Embrace Competition: Nothing like a good challenge to awaken the competitor within. Face it, we all like to win and a little healthy competition will encourage you to innovate and explore. Lacking in competition? That’s great! Challenge yourself. Let your friends and coworkers speak their mind and keep your business from becoming stale one way or another.
  • Your Business is a Result of Your Efforts: When was the last time you stopped to think about that? Your intentions, actions and efforts show everyday in your business. It’s really an extension of you, after all. Make sure you put your best foot forward.
  • Self Mastery: If you think you know everything, then your business is at risk. No matter what stage you’re in, learning is a constant from the moment you open your doors to the day you close them. Always try to learn new ways to introduce your business to consumers, conquer new fears, and protect your future with courage and self-belief. Master your skills and strive for an even better version of yourself. In turn, appreciate what you have accomplished and forgive your mistakes.

The bar, so to speak, is never set. It will be reached, repositioned, and reached again. Keep pushing professional (and personal!) boundaries. Always defy your limits and keep your passions alive.

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Jun 25, 2015