Hey, Look, a Blog about Blogs!

At FranNet, we like to think we have one of the most informative franchisee-based blogs out there. And, of course, we hope that you, the reader, will agree. But at the same time, and partly to give a nod in the direction of modesty, we realize that there are a few other worthwhile blogs out there in the “Blogosphere” which also have very good franchise-based content. During this edition of our biog, we’re going to look at a few other fine examples that help keep readers informed while making our industry of franchising an appealing choice.

Entrepreneur runs a really neat franchising blog, which you can find here. In addition to keeping a running tally on the annual hottest 500 franchise concepts, their blog is chock full of insight in categories such as ownership, finance, marketing and small business growth. You definitely don’t want to miss reading any of their case study interviews with successful franchisees. You just may see a vision of yourself someday!

The popular business magazine Inc. has its own franchise blog too and can be found here. It’s a little bit more of a light hearted view than Entrepreneur, but it does make for great reading. Aside from bringing you breaking news in the franchising industry concerning brand moves, the site is also full of video interviews with current franchisees who willingly share their own personal stories. 

Ever heard of Franchising USA Magazine? Now you have. This publication’s content is designed to provide tips and advice across a wide array of franchise industry topics. They rotate a set of featured franchise concepts for review, including some you may not have heard of, nor yet considered. Not to be missed are their social media feeds, which continuously link to additional news feeds full of franchisee insight and knowledge.

Lastly, we recommend AllBusiness.com’s franchising/small business blog. It’s written by existing business owners anxious to share their stories of success with budding franchisees. And because they cover more than just franchising, users can read content directed toward the true entrepreneurial spirit. You may find helpful advice on financing a franchise, the finer points of corporate communication and even how technology will affect your business.

No matter where you choose to obtain fact-based, helpful advice in the world of franchising, we hope you’re doing your best to become an informed franchisee candidate. The more time you put into studying and understanding of the franchise industry, the easier it makes our job. We very much appreciate you checking in on our twice weekly FranNet blogs and hope we’ve retained you as a regular reader. Having informed franchisee candidates is a goal shared by all of us with a stake in this growing entrepreneurial industry. 

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Apr 6, 2017