How a Franchise Consultant Can Kick Start Your Business

If you’ve been considering starting a franchise business for any length of time, you’re likely already familiar with the vast array of franchises that are available out there. You’re also likely aware that starting your own franchise involves a pretty significant investment. While investing in the right franchise can pay huge dividends, investing in one that is not a good fit could put you on the path to financial ruin. So how do you ensure you’re making the best investment for you? Using a no-cost franchise consultant is a good first step!

There are many ways in which franchise consultants can help you kick start your business. When you work with a company like FranNet, you’ll get maximum exposure to the best franchises in the area that match your skillset, budget and lifestyle expectations.

The following are a few ways that franchise consultants can help:

  1. Exposure to a wide range of franchises While you might be familiar with some of the bigger franchises, chances are there are many – and we mean MANY – more small to medium sized franchises that you might want to consider. These generally require a lower financial investment, and because they are smaller, often have more room for growth. While you might be able to find some of these opportunities on your own, you’ll save yourself a great deal of time and frustration by working with a franchise consultant who is already familiar with them.
  2. Pre-screening – Every franchisor has different requirements and qualities that they are looking for in potential franchisees. There are likely a few franchises out there that you would be perfect for, but many others that simply won’t be a fit. Every minute that you spend pursuing the latter type, is a minute that could have been better spent exploring the former type. A professional franchise consultant will help you eliminate franchises you don’t fit so you can kick start your business with the right franchise sooner.
  3. Seeing the big picture – Especially if you’re new to franchising, you may not be familiar with the different business models and terminology. A franchise consultant can help explain the difference between a semi-absentee franchise and an owner-operator franchise, or help you differentiate the various fees that a given franchisor might charge.
  4. Understanding the fine print – While a franchise consultant should never replace a lawyer or accountant, their experience in the franchise industry can be invaluable. Over their careers, they have seen hundreds of Franchise Disclosure Documents and are happy to answer any questions you may have about them.
  5. Free services to potential franchisees – Not many things in this world are free – especially in the world of business. But the services of franchise consultants are free to individuals looking to purchase a franchise. Think of these consultants as executive recruiters or matchmakers helping to get the best possible franchisees for the franchisor they represent.  

Starting your own franchise business can be an exciting prospect, but you can improve your chances of success if you do not try to do everything on your own. Working with a franchise consultant is always a wise move. Contact FranNet today to learn more.

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Dec 28, 2015