How Canadian Franchise Owners Can Be More Productive (Hint: It’s not by multi-tasking)

We all know that being an entrepreneur means being busy. Canadian franchise owners are constantly barraged with all kinds of responsibilities to ensure that their day-to-day business runs as smoothly and as profitably as possible. As such, many of these franchisees often seek out ways to be more productive. Some even pride themselves on being great multi-taskers.

But is focussing on a zillion things really the best way to get things done? If your focus is that divided, are you really giving your customers, your employees and your franchisor your best? We would argue that the answer is no.

The ironic fact is that if you really want to be more productive, you have to stop multi-tasking! In fact, a study published by the University of Michigan found that by switching what you’re doing mid-task can actually increase the time it takes to finish both tasks by 25 percent. [i]

So if multi-tasking isn’t the way to go, how can Canadian franchise owners become more productive?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Don’t touch things twice

When an email, telephone message or other job gets your attention, don’t save it to deal with it later – this will only slow you down. Either deal with it yourself, delegate it to someone else, or deem it not important and get rid of it. Just don’t put it off.

  1. Eat your frogs first

This common expression basically means put the unsavory jobs at the top of your to-do list. Rather than spend your day avoiding and dreading the tedious or unpleasant parts of your business, get them out of the way first. That way you can focus on doing the more enjoyable parts of the business.

  1. Pass on urgent but unimportant matters

Have you ever heard the phrase “the tyranny of the urgent”? This is when so-called urgent, yet unimportant matters dominate your time, and it becomes difficult to get to the more important aspects of operating your franchise.

This is where Canadian franchise owners must really learn to delegate or let go.

  1. Just say “no”

While it’s true that entrepreneurs are busy people and like to take on many challenges, sometimes they just have to say “no.” Taking on too much can lead to stress and burnout and possibly not being able to give your best to commitments that you already have.

By learning to know your limits and saying “no,” you can set yourself up for a greater chance at success.

  1. Avoid multi-tasking

We said it before, but multi-tasking is a real productivity killer. The brain can only focus on one thing at a time so when you try to complete multiple tasks at the same time, all of the tasks suffer.

As a franchisee who is serious about making your business a success, a high rate of productivity is key. Keep these tips in mind and see your success in this area soar.


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Feb 9, 2016