How Client Referrals Drive FranNet Consultancies

Across the U.S. and Canada, there are over 75 FranNet representatives, each operating their own consultancies. One of the key value propositions of our organization is that each of these representatives covers a specific territory (just like franchises!). They both live and work in your communities, which means they’re familiar with your area’s business climate, rules & regulations, and have a network of connections to draw upon in helping you set yourself up as a franchise owner.

Better still, many of our consultants are past and present franchisors themselves.

Our qualified representatives help franchisee candidates save time, money, and hassle through franchise education—our primary objective. It begins with an Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile and Assessment and (hopefully) ends with you signing on the dotted line to become your own boss. One of the reasons we’re so successful is that there are many avenues of referral, providing new leads back to our consultants. Let’s look at a few ways new clients get introduced to FranNetters…

Word of Mouth

Ask almost any former FranNet client whether they’d refer business to their consultant, and the answer is usually, “I already have.” We enjoy a very high Net Promoter Score because our clients are satisfied with their experience.


Many of our referrals occur through our partnership with SCORE, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). They’re the nation’s largest network of expert small business mentors, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow and achieve their goals.

National Webinars

FranNet keeps up a bi-monthly calendar of national webinar events. You can register to attend the live version or watch an archived version at your convenience. The titles are always relevant to achieving business ownership through franchising. For a list of ongoing national webinars, be sure to bookmark this page on the FranNet website.

Local Seminars

Local seminars are hosted by individual FranNet consultancies, but an aggregated list of ongoing seminars can also be found on our website. Again, the topics are all relevant to becoming your own boss through franchise ownership. Hopefully, you can attend an in-person event with your local FranNet consultant and introduce yourself.

Another popular route for FranNet’s referral business comes from companies that offer career transition opportunities for their downsized employees. Typically, this includes information on resources, career guidance, re-training, continuing education, and referrals to entrepreneurial pathways such as FranNet. Taking the option to explore going into business for yourself often proves to be a liberating experience—as many of our previous clients can attest to.

FranNet consultants across the U.S. and Canada thrive on referral business. Each and every day is another opportunity to introduce a new audience to the benefits of becoming your own boss through franchising. Setting yourself up in business isn’t as hard as you think, if you can follow a proven business model and make the best use of the resources and operational guidelines provided by our franchise partners.

Just let us know when you’re ready and willing to refer yourself.



Mar 23, 2021