How Franchisees in Canada can Demonstrate Leadership Skills

Being a franchisee in Canada means you must also be a great leader to your employees. In the franchising world today, there is a considerable difference between being just an owner and being a great leader. The owner will simply make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to and that things get done as usual. A leader is more than that, they are someone who is truly involved with the business. They motivate everyone to work hard, be creative and meet their goals with pride and perfection.

It is proven that teams that have good leaders behind them produce much better results than those without. Yes – you can be an owner of a franchise, but now you must demonstrate great leadership skills along with that.

The following is a list of essential skills to practice to become a great leader.       


A good leader always takes the time to listen to his or her employees. This will allow them to understand the wants and needs of the team.


Even if it requires some personal sacrifice, a great leader understands that the needs of the team should outweigh their own needs. This can include being the last one out the door, which shows great commitment to the franchise.

Have a good sense of humor

Everyone knows that business is business and is obviously very important, but a good leader also knows that it is necessary to also have time for a good laugh every once in a while. This will lighten up the mood and make employees more open.

Use “we” instead of “I”

It’s simple – a good leader will always give credit when credit is due. They will never allow any of their employees to feel left out.

Motivate with more than money

As easy as it is to throw the almighty dollar at others to motivate them, a great leader will understand that most everyone can be motivated with more than just this. They will use other things as incentive for high quality work.

Focus on the positive

No one enjoys being around a person who is negative all the time. Leaders will take notice when their employees are doing great work, and will encourage them to keep it up.

Ask for advice

An exceptional leader will ask for advice. They show their team they trust and value their input by including them in important decisions going forward. Additionally, if they choose not to go with their advice, they will clearly explain why.

Ask for more

It is true that people generally tend to stay inside their comfort zone. By asking for more than that, a great leader is showing that they truly believe in their team. This will result in the team responding very positively and they will prove that they are capable of anything.

Take a step in the right direction by following these practices, and you will soon find that you have become more than just a franchise owner – you will have become a great leader.

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Jan 13, 2016