How Franchises Can Use Animated Explainer Videos

It’s no secret that video is taking over the internet. Video is projected to be responsible for 80% of all online traffic by 2019, so it’s imperative that all brands start to incorporate it into their online strategies. One particularly useful kind of video is the animated explainer video.

Animated explainer videos are a fabulous tool for businesses, especially businesses that have an unusual concept that may require some explanation for people to fully grasp. Within just a minute or two, these videos can convey a compelling message with their intriguing visuals.

They are especially helpful within franchises, as they have multiple uses, such as:


For new franchises that need to connect with people so they can establish a presence in a crowded marketplace, an animated video can be extremely helpful. As they are animated, people are more likely to watch them than they are to watch a live action video. A new franchise brand can make a splash with potential customers in a fun and interesting way.


While many businesses have a pretty straightforward business model, sometimes the way they do business or what they are offering isn’t so obvious. Animated explainer videos, as the name implies, are ideal for explaining concepts to people. Because they are animated, the videos can use any type of visuals they need to get their point across. They are much more effective than just showing a person talking because they help people visualize the concept and they are not contained by the laws of physics. You can show anything you need to in order to get your point across.


When new franchisees join the franchise family, an animated explainer video can be used for orientation. In a series of videos, a franchise can welcome new franchisees, explain the brand’s values and goals and let them know what kind of support they can expect, among other things. These videos make for a fun and interesting way to welcome new franchisees to the fold.


Franchises have to train many people at the same time. Sometimes that can range into the hundreds or thousands. Because they are adept at keeping people’s attention and leaving a lasting impression, animated videos make great training videos. A franchise can use them to convey processes and safety information or any other elements that need to be instilled in new franchisees and their employees.


People love sharing animated videos on social media, which makes them perfect for marketing purposes. In addition to that, animated videos actually help with your SEO because they keep people on your website longer, which is a factor Google uses for ranking purposes. They also draw people’s attention, so they make great ads.


Building trust with people is a key factor in turning them from leads into customers. A franchise brand can use animated videos to make these connections by creating videos to use further along in the buyer’s journey. Once a person decides to go with a certain brand, they often want to know more about that brand. Franchises can use animated video to explain their history in a compelling way. Even testimonial videos, which are usually just people sitting and talking about the brand, can be made more compelling with the use of animation.

With so many uses, franchise brands can definitely find a way to incorporate animated explainer videos into their branding strategy. From introducing new franchisees to the family to training them and using the videos in marketing, animated videos can help a franchise grow and solidify its brand.

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Apr 10, 2018