How Not to Stumble Out of the Starting Gate: Franchising’s First Steps

During today’s edition of FranNet’s blog, we’re going to take you on a hypothetical journey, then offer some sound advice on how not to stumble out of the starting gate when launching your franchise business. The hypothetical comes in because we’re asking you to pretend that you’ve already completed the franchise investigative process, decided on the perfect concept, signed on the dotted line, attended your required training and just made a smashing success out of your grand opening. 

Now what? The local television crews have left, the confetti has been swept up and even the celebratory cake has been disposed of. It’s time to get down to business, but turning your attention to running your franchise on a day-to-day basis shouldn’t be a cause of concern. Franchises are designed to operate as proven systems, by replicating a specific process that has been tried and tested to perfection. So, here’s what not to do: 

Get Creative

We’re not talking about creativity in a sense of promoting your franchise, we mean with tinkering with the franchise’s operating system. Your operations manual should be as clear and consistent as possible with exactly what you need to be doing daily to keep your operation running smoothly. Now is not the time to see if you can “one-up” the guide book by implementing processes which circumvent what was intended. Stick to the program. It works if you work it.

Refuse to Delegate

It’s a common pitfall. You’ve finally got a business of your own and you want a hand in everything. The problem is, you could be stretching yourself too thin. Many franchises call for the hiring of capable staff members. Each has a specific job to do. Do your level headed best to allow them to do so by delegating the proper duties to the proper employee. If you’re unclear on the concept, look up the definition of “micromanaging”.

Get Complacent

The sense of accomplishment which becomes prevalent after navigating the franchise investigative process to success can be overwhelming. But once the doors open, the phones are switched on and the machines start up is no time to retreat to your office and put your feet up on your desk. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem for those who take the ultimate pride in running their own ship, so remember that your entrepreneurial journey has not ended, but only just begun.

Lack of Oversight

Hopefully, your franchise will thrive right off the bat. If so, you may get caught up in all the excitement. The glad-handing, the pats on the back, congratulatory calls. You’ll want to be a champion of customer service, but keep in mind that there are real numbers happening behind the scenes. Spend as much time going over your key performance indicators (KPIs) as you do on the showroom floor. If closely monitored, you can make the critical adjustments necessary to ensure both short-term (and long-term) success. Always keep your eye on the ball. 

These common mistakes can lead to stumbling out of the starting gate—something you want to avoid at all costs. Franchisors want you to succeed, so trust in their instructions and judgements and rely on the advice from brand headquarters and your franchisee peers. You got into franchising for a reason. Because you’re all in this together for the shared success that awaits you.

Did you enjoy this hypothetical exercise? If you pictured yourself in the paragraphs above and want to take some concrete steps towards making this scenario into a reality, we have qualified FranNet representatives across the country waiting to hear from you. Let us use our decades of experience to ensure you make the right moves from the get-go.

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May 18, 2018