How to Buy a Franchise: Top Factors You Need to Consider

If you are interested in learning how to buy a franchise in Canada, you should consider FranNet to help you throughout the process. There are many reasons people consider buying franchises. Sometimes folks want to re-invest their earnings or go into business for themselves. FranNet specializes in matching entrepreneurs to franchises in Canada and there is no lack of opportunities if you are interested. One of our advisors can sit down with you and discuss goals, strengths and interests in order to find the most ideal franchise option for you.

It is important to note that there are big differences between the various forms of commercial franchises in Canada, so looking at the structure of the business and the function of the owner can help you better evaluate your options. Generally your background and skillset will help to guide you down the path to a worthy franchise.

Those curious about how to buy a franchise in Canada should ask themselves the following questions.

What are my critical requirements?

It is important to understand what you need out of a franchise in order to make it work for you. FranNet’s proprietary profiling and consultative process helps paint a clear picture of how you expect to earn money, succeed and expand if that is your goal. We can take the results and help you create a strong business model for success as you narrow the scope of your franchise hunt in the Canada market.

How best can I evaluate all aspects of the franchising buying process?

This is where hiring a company to help match your assessment to a similar franchise really helps. You will probably be able to evaluate matches on your own to some degree, and odds are pretty good you may have already talked to friends or relatives that have some suggestions on what might be a lucrative franchise to pursue. FranNet can take your research and use our proven evaluation methods to give you a better picture of what franchises are likely to work best for you.

What are my core goals and what values will make me successful?

Your core goals and competencies represent the strengths that will give you a leg-up on the competition, so it is important to identify and use them to find a franchise in Canada that gives you the best chance for success. FranNet can use the tools above along with your research to put together a portfolio of potential franchises that will promote your strengths.

These are pretty straightforward questions that should give you a clear picture of why working with FranNet to help with your franchise search will be of great benefit. The commitment involved with owning a franchise in Canada is truly life changing. Entrepreneurs (especially new ones) would do well to find one that fits their lifestyle and can be incorporated into the daily routine with as little stress as possible.


Oct 6, 2015