How to Go the Extra Mile for Your Customers

If you’re a distance runner, you may know the expression ‘going the extra mile’ in a literal sense. When it comes to training, why not push yourself to become incrementally better, right? In the figurative sense, the expression is commonplace for franchises that expend extra effort to retain a valuable customer base. In the quest for establishing your own personal entrepreneurial journey, we’re going to look at a few ways to go the extra mile for your customers.

Knowledge is Power

First off, how well do you even know your customers? Can you get a sense of why they seek out your goods or services offered? If not, spend some time contemplating exactly what value you bring to their lives. Once you have a pretty good idea, work to capitalize on their patronage. If they make you feel special, find ways to make them feel special for choosing to do business with your franchise operation.

Consistency Matters

The backbone of franchise operations is consistency. Whether it’s a process or the product, replicating a winning strategy is at the core of franchising’s tenets and is what sets them apart from other small businesses. Customers should have a good idea of what to expect when they do business with your franchise. Whether you’re serving chicken sandwiches or dispensing tax advice, always strive to produce a consistent and expected outcome of satisfaction among your customers.

Higher Learning

Your franchise customers do business with you because of a shared set of managed expectations. But what else can you learn? If you don’t know, try an informal survey. It could be as simple as routinely asking customers, “What more could I do for you as a franchise owner?” Or you could conduct an online or email survey. There’s a very high likelihood you’re going to hear some feedback you hadn’t yet considered. Once learned, put their input into action and surpass their expectations.

Use Collateral

What type of promotional deals do you offer at your franchise? For many brands, campaigns such as these are baked into the marketing plan. If your franchise brand doesn’t utilize collateral or promotions, find out from your corporate partners what might be acceptable to utilize on your own. Buy one, get one free, aka BOGO, giveaways and seasonal promotions can be quite popular with your customer base. And whatever you decide need not cost your franchise an arm and a leg to do it.

Humble Yourself

If, in the day to day operation of your franchise, you should stumble or make a mistake, correct it as soon as possible. Do everything in your power to “make it right” with the customer. Your prompt and quick corrective action may do more to show you care than anything else. Be humble. Customers are the lifeblood of your franchise business.

It’s no secret that customer expectations have gone sky high in recent years. At FranNet, we think it’s because the competition among businesses has accelerated. One sure fire way you can stand out in a crowded field is to go the extra mile for your customers. Trust us when we say that it’s an art form. It takes practice. It takes work. But it’s a very worthwhile personal expenditure to guarantee your continued franchise success.

Studies have shown that one negative customer interaction can severely harm your brand. Don’t become a victim or a statistic. Become the example other franchise brands strive to be.  That’s what going the extra mile is all about.

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Jan 25, 2018