How to Prepare with Your Own Set of Franchising Questions

As we continue to glide right into 2017, FranNet wants to make sure that we are catering to our intended target audiences—future entrepreneurs. We’ve made a commitment to providing you with quality information to use in your quest to take the reins of your future and decide your entrepreneurial destiny. During this week’s blog edition, we’re going to make some suggestions on how to prepare your own set of franchising questions.

Some of the clients we meet with come to their appointment armed with knowledge. Perhaps they have a certain idea of exactly which types of franchises they’d like to investigate. They may even some of their financing secured and they may even think they’re ready to pull the proverbial trigger on a franchise deal of their dreams.

But that’s not everyone. That’s not even most people.  We deal with all types of individuals and where they are in their particular stage of business ownership journey. This is why we want to provide some basic insight on the type of questions you should ask, should you be ready to schedule an appointment. While a few may seem pretty basic, we believe knowledge is nothing more than power. In no particular order, we recommend considering these questions:

  1. Have I reached the point in my career where working for myself is preferable?
  1. Can my current lifestyle support potentially even more hours dedicated to my business – at least in the short-term?
  1. Will my current finances allow for an entrepreneurial attempt?
  1. Can I adhere to policies and procedures not of my own making?
  1. Am I ready to rely on a training and support system and put my full trust in both?
  1. Can I build a franchise business plan on my own?
  1. Do I have a team in place to represent me, including legal and financial assistance – or do I need local help to put resources together?
  1. Am I open to considering a franchise that favors my strengths over one that I simply might prefer?
  1. Am I 100% prepared to succeed in this entrepreneurial venture?
  2. What is my exit strategy?

It’s questions like these that FranNet will bring up, even if you don’t. We want to make sure we’ve got the right candidate in you, just as you have the right candidate in us. If you’re ready to begin your entrepreneurial journey, conduct some serious reflection on these questions and jot down your thoughts. We can’t wait to hear your answers.

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Jan 26, 2017