Identifying Recession Proof Franchises for NJ & NY

There are many things you can count in the tri-state area, not the least of which includes recession-proof franchises for NJ & NY. New Jersey and New York are both densely populated, which means franchise owners have a great pool of potential customers to appeal to, even during tough economic times.



Everyone has to eat, whether we’re in a good or bad economy. Corporate ratings company Moody’s touts the strengths of fast-food restaurant performance throughout recessionary periods. The company points to “low average checks,” menu variety and “convenience” as the factors that make fast-food chains stand out even when the economy is slow.


Toddlers don’t understand the word “recession.” Two-year old’s are full of energy whether or not GDP is moving ahead. As a result, owning a franchise that caters to children including places where they are free to run, jump and make noise is sure to make it into the family’s budget, if only for the sake of the parents.

Hair Care

People tend to find a way to keep up with personal maintenance, such as haircuts. Owning a barbershop in particular could work to your advantage in the tri-state area; both men who are employed and those who are looking for work/interviewing in and around the city will want to maintain a professional look.


As if dealing with the New York City traffic isn’t stressful enough, people can become stressed when they’re out of work or the economy is slow. High stress can lead to aches and pains in a body. As a result, health-related businesses, such health-care providers or medi-centers, continue to keep their doors open even when the economy is faltering.

Auto Body Shop

Most people in New Jersey drive cars. Vehicle maintenance is something residents can’t overlook if they want to keep driving their car. People might go looking for the best deals during an economic recession, so you may want to price competitively.


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Oct 20, 2016