Incoming IFA President Bullish on Franchising’s Future

Matthew Haller was recently appointed as president and CEO of our leading industry trade group, the International Franchise Association (IFA). However, he’s no stranger to the organization, having spent the past decade in various executive leadership roles, including his most recent position as senior vice-president of government relations and public affairs. For the past year and a half, Haller has been at the forefront of the IFA’s effort to support the franchising industry amidst the fallout from operating during the pandemic.

There is near-unanimous agreement that the IFA’s strategy has been both measurable and effective.

Matthew Haller was the subject of a recent profile in FranchiseWire where he expressed his optimism for the franchising industry. Sufficed to say, he’s a bit bullish on its future. Below, FranNet shares some of the meaningful quotes and commentary from Matthew’s insightful interview.

How He Got Here

A native of Washington D.C., Haller worked his way up through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. A natural networker, with extroverted opinions on politics and sports, he met several influential franchise advocates and fell in love with the business model aspect. “There’s no industry that’s more powerful or has a greater ability to influence public policies,” he says. “Most franchise companies look like America…we need to tell franchising’s story and amplify its messages to the right people.”

Franchising’s Key Strength

Haller believes that the franchising industry’s greatest asset is its people. He hopes to increase the number of board members and convene much more often to tackle the industry’s issues and challenges with greater effectiveness. “We need to convene our members more frequently to solve some of franchising’s biggest issues,” he says. “Right now, franchisees are navigating unprecedented challenges, including employee and childcare shortages and vaccination issues. Using video conferencing and other virtual tools is something IFA committee and affinity group members will utilize to get things done. Some of the smartest, most talented people in the world are in franchising. We want to hear from them so we can grow and evolve.”

On the Horizon

Haller’s mission is to ensure that all industry players and stakeholders understand that the IFA is “open for business.” He hopes to use franchising’s unique culture to advance the industry’s interests and spread awareness of the business model to a much wider and inclusive audience. Specific plans call for more awareness internationally and the establishment of specific career paths to franchising.

FranNet welcomes the appointment of Matthew Haller as the IFAs incoming president and CEO. We share his vision of a bright future for the franchising industry and also believe our challenges are best met by utilizing our greatest asset—our people.

If you’re as bullish on franchising’s future as well, perhaps it’s time to begin an entrepreneurial journey of your own. We can help you get started today by setting up a no-cost, no-obligation appointment with a qualified FranNet representative who both lives and works in your area. Together, we can find a franchise ownership opportunity that matches up perfectly with your lifestyle and income-oriented goals. 

Oct 14, 2021