Is Intelligence Enough To Get Ahead And Stay Successful?

We know it takes more than intelligence alone to be a good leader and get ahead. Just what are those key qualities that allow you to rise above the sea of people with identical academic backgrounds and excel?

One skill that will make a dramatic difference in your business (and develop more respect from colleagues) is your listening ear. You have a team of professional, excited, and motivated individuals – use them! The more you listen to your team and encourage a comfortable, open environment the more willing they will be to contribute. With more ideas and discussion come results, and all from the simple act of closing our own mouths.

Be dependable and remain a role model for your colleagues. You could be the most intelligence person in the room, but you are still not the only person keeping everything afloat. Use your work ethic, honesty and integrity to get ahead and build relationships. Remain mindful of your professional presence and don’t be afraid to smile here and there. You see your coworkers every weekday, help them enjoy their job through your own exceptional initiative, organization and attitude.

Share the work load and don’t be afraid to make mistakes! With a leadership position, you are relied on constantly to make the best possible decisions, which means you need to delegate other responsibilities to your talented team. It is hard to loosen your grip on all of the control, however, you will thank yourself later. Letting go and delegating responsibility will give your business a chance to reach its full potential.

Lastly, keep looking ahead. It’s great to stay focused on the tasks at hand, but devote some of that brainpower to planning strategic future goals. According to the article “The Three Strengths of a True Strategic Leader”, statistics show fewer than 10% of leaders exhibit strategic skills. The only way to know where your business is going is to track your progress and make sure it stays aligned with your vision.

Being your own boss is no walk in the park, there are several crucial qualities that are necessary that go beyond intelligence alone. Crafting an all-around more balanced repertoire of skills will significantly improve your business moral and profits, but you already knew that, didn’t you?


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Jan 27, 2016