In a world filled with over 7 billion people, is it still possible to be original when it comes to our own thoughts and creations, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship? Or is every idea we have just a form of stealing, copying or borrowing?  

We are told that to accomplish originality, and by extension creativity, we have to think independently and use our imagination. Yet, are we confident that our imagination is a true representation of personal creativity? New ideas could arguably be thought of as a spinoff of previous thoughts and actions, so where does that leave originality? Before this becomes a philosophical debate, here is my opinion.

Scientifically, we are all different. You can’t argue the cold, hard facts of genetics, and genetics say no two humans are alike. We also have to factor in the environment, people and life experiences everyone perceives differently. While we can have similar surroundings and interact with the same people, the interpretation of it all is unique. Instead of thinking originality is dead and everything has been done before, think instead about how much potential is in 7 billion people experiencing the world uniquely.

Our ideas are just like our genetic makeup: about 96 percent similar. It’s the four percent difference that shows our ability to be innovators and spread distinct, novel creations. Your individuality can still make a splash in today’s workforce. Even if what you want to do has been done before – it’s never been done by you.