Is There Such A Thing As Getting Rich Quick?

Everyone wants to succeed in life and that looks different to each one of us, but it is safe to say many are looking to accomplish the goal of a healthy bank account. It often appears like the current successful entrepreneurs and business owners followed a step-by-step tutorial that led them to their wealth. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. 

What we at FranNet can offer are the common habits a six-figure entrepreneur forms during their quest to get ahead.

Work hard– it seems obvious, but attaining success means working your tail off. If you produce mediocre work than you will receive mediocre results. To make a big salary you have to put in the time and always go above and beyond. You work, work, work and then success happens. There’s no getting around it.

Listen– if it’s your way or the highway, you’ll be walking a lonely, difficult road. Your coworkers, friends, family and everyone in between have value. Recognizing that value and respecting others opinions will get you far. Your connections are just as important as your skills.

Risk can mean reward- risks are a mixture of trusting your gut and gathering lots of information. To know when or when not to take a risk is a product of patience, research and understanding of possible outcomes. If you are always walking the safe or easy path, you will never make the money you set out for.

Trust your gut BUT– be smart about it. Knowledge is your ally here and you won’t make it big by following your emotions. Good things come to people who make good calls, whether it’s following their gut or not.

Make your own luck– It’s debatable about whether or not luck is a real thing, but what is undeniable is that a life-changing opportunity can appear anywhere, anytime. Making your own luck really translates to being prepared. 

Repeat after me: “Yes”- if you or anyone else thinks you can’t accomplish the task at hand, than it will be hard to get others to look up to you. Even if you think you don’t know how to do it, figure it out. You can thank the word “no” for keeping you where you are. If you don’t start stretching your limits, then you won’t see much change.

Lastly (and possibly most importantly) just do it! A lack of action will not lead you to the professional future you are dreaming of. Apply these to your life and your bank account will thank you, and you’ll discover just how much you’re capable of.

Aug 20, 2015