It is never too late to be what you might have been

It’s almost like George Eliot was speaking straight to the late blooming entrepreneurs. Most of us reach a certain age and feel it’s too late to start chasing old fantasies and begin again. The wonderful thing about success is its impromptu character – it could happen at anytime time in life for the wildest of reasons.

Dig a little into Ray KrocLeo Goodwin and John Pemberton’s past and you’ll be convinced that an empire can be built with a little gray hair and spirit! Several of history’s leaders did not begin with the companies they are known for today and the same can be said for many modern entrepreneurs.

As author Isabel Allende says in her TED talk, “society defines when we are old.” How true! Does your age have control over your ambition, passions and mission in life? How accurate it is to see years as chapters, while the story you have been living is full of detail and depth. There are so many pages left that can be equally thrilling and satisfying.

Safety is a huge reason to stay put and avoid change. You have safety in that job you’ve carried out for 20 years, in the routine you walk through each day and in the predictable road ahead. There is nothing wrong with valuing that safety or the life you’ve lived thus far. But what about that desire for more? It has not aged at all.

Your age is the equivalent of a fine, aged wine: highly valued, greatly enjoyed and rare. You also have something younger counterparts do not – money and the experience to manage it. Not only that, but you will know how to cater to your community and gather support from long-time neighbors. Don’t be afraid to use your network and build a team you can trust. Start exploring and don’t be afraid to ask current franchisees for advice.

You are not bound by any one path. Remember that you are the main influencing factor for what happens in your life. If becoming your own boss was a goal 10, 20 or even 30 years ago, it can still happen.

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Jun 29, 2015