Join the Canadian Franchising Association for Franchise Law Day

The Canadian Franchise Association is holding its annual Franchise Law Day Sept. 27 in Toronto at the Old Mill Inn & Spa.

Franchise Law Day gives individuals involved in the franchising industry the opportunity to learn about franchise law in Canada. This year’s theme for the event is: ‘Disrupting Franchising: Best Practices for Navigating the Changing Legal and Business Landscape.’

Each year, the conference invites expert speakers and session leaders who are among Canada’s foremost lawyers and include in-house and outside legal counsel, as well as franchisors.

They break down the often confusing world of franchise law into easy-to-understand informational sessions that anyone can learn from.

The conference will highlight the most recent legislative developments and case law with an emphasis on lessons that can be gleaned from the leading cases. Participants will also have the opportunity to choose three out of six available workshops designed to help franchisors navigate the current legal waters as they pertain to franchising.

A series of roundtable discussions will follow that.

Franchise Law Day is a fantastic educational resource for:

  • existing Canadian franchisors,
  • franchisees,
  • Canadian startups developing new franchise systems, or
  • global franchisors poised to enter the Canadian market.

The agenda will include a continental breakfast, an advocacy update from the CFA and opening and closing remarks from co-chairs Amy Delisle, a Partner at Keyser Mason Ball, LLP and leader of the firm’s Branding & Franchise Group; and Chris Horkins, an associate in the Advocacy and Franchise Law Groups in the Toronto office of Cassels Brock and Blackwell LLP.

A sample of the available workshops include:

Who is bringing dinner to your door? The benefits, risks and considerations of partnering with third-party vendors.

Participants will learn about the pros and cons of using third-party delivery services versus having their own in-house delivery system.

Multi-unit and multi-brand: The new trend in franchising

This session will explore current trends in multi-unit and multi-brand franchising; the benefits of multi-unit and multi-brand franchising for both franchisor and franchisee and also the risks and setbacks associated with multi-unit and multi-brand franchising.

Practical legal and business implications in dealing with major franchise system changes

This session will discuss best practices in franchise document preparation and practical legal and business techniques for dealing with franchisees when introducing major system changes that often result from new concepts. It will also deal with the legal and business challenges facing franchisors who encounter resistance from franchisees and how to utilize early dispute recognition programs to avoid litigation.

Frannabis – The intersection of cannabis legalization and franchising

About the impending legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes, this session looks at the various opportunities for the distribution and sale, through franchising, of cannabis and cannabis-related products throughout Canada.

In addition to workshops, there will also be roundtable discussions about:

  • Real Estate Issues in Franchising
  • Data Breach/Cyber Liability
  • Working with Franchise Agents and Sales Consultants
  • Insolvent Franchisees
  • Operations Manuals: How to and how not to use them
  • Franchising out of the Box: Non-Traditional Franchise Locations
  • Managing Defaults and Termination

Anyone involved in franchising should be interested in the laws that govern it. The ever changing landscape of legislation that affects the franchising industry in Canada and the constantly roiling economic situation means franchisors and franchisees alike have to make a concerted effort to stay abreast of new challenges and opportunities.

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Sep 23, 2018