Some parents live by the philosophy of starting ‘em young when it comes to preparing for the future while others will argue to let kids be kids. However, they might not be as innocent as they think. Your children’s seemingly harmless toys are playing a role in their future career choices. You never know, you could have the next Kidpreneur.

90 percent of U.S. preschools use toys for play, which shows how early toys start to influence children’s actions. The toys you played with (to an extent) shaped our worldview, sent us signals, cultivated hobbies and created stereotypes that influenced where you are today.

There is a small but growing number of companies that have started to develop games, software and educational programs that promote the entrepreneurial spirit in teens, tweens and toddlers. These toys are meant to provide children of any gender with a way to explore early on the qualities of a businessperson or technology geared careers. A little head start on the competition is turning out to be fun for the little ones in your family!

Of course, toys or games like KanoGoldie Blox, and Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand won’t guarantee your kids future desire to be an entrepreneur, but it will inspire a personal understanding of what it takes to start with nothing and build until they’ve learned how to complete or master a new task.

Whether it’s intended or not, the toys your kids play with will impact the choices they made later in life. How’s that food for thought!



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Mar 10, 2016