Like Cash Flow Now? Learn About Opening an Auto Repair Franchise Business in New Jersey

Many franchise operations require lead time to generate cash flow. Most new franchisees are well-advised to plan ahead for those early days before a business starts to generate income. However, in the New Jersey/NY metro area there is a notable exception to this rule – opening an auto repair franchise business that generates cash right away.

What does it take?

Amazingly what it takes to succeed with this business is not what you may expect. Automotive experience is not necessary.  Instead, the real secret is excellent “soft” skills. Working well with people is vital to keeping this auto repair shop franchise purring along on high-octane.

New Jersey & New York customers need, deserve and expect a trustworthy, highly trained and certified auto body shop to help them get back to their busy lives.  Unfortunately, a repair is often an unexpected interruption in a customer’s routine whether commuting or running errands.  The main thing that sidelined customer wants is a perfectly repaired vehicle – and soon. This is where your adept diplomacy, understanding and caring of people comes into play.

When you own an auto repair franchise, your customers count on your facility for top-notch repairs, continuous communication, and high quality personal service. The limited five-year nationwide and service guarantee on the majority of repairs reassures customers and promotes that positive business reputation every owner strives to uphold.

A fun way to learn more is to join our information-packed lunchtime webinar held on Thursday, October 13th from 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. so that you may participate in the ensuing discussions about opening an auto repair franchise business in the New Jersey/New York area.

Contact FranNet of NJ/NYC and enjoy learning about the exception to the rule – a franchise with immediate cash flow.

Oct 3, 2016