Localized Reach and Experience Make FranNet Unstoppable

This month, we’re celebrating the tenacity of our individual consultants who didn’t let a little thing like the pandemic get in the way of helping entrepreneurs become business owners through franchising. FranNet Consultants are “Virtually Unstoppable!”

Can’t meet in person with our consultants to discuss the results of FranNet’s Entrepreneurial Assessment Profile? Fine. We’ll just discuss the results over a Zoom call. Because even in a virtual world, we accomplish things together to find the right franchise fit. And there’s no stopping us until we do. In this blog edition, we’re taking a closer look at two of FranNet’s key differentiators in the franchise brokerage world.

Localized Reach

One of the key benefits in working with a FranNet consultant to explore business ownership is that you’ll be paired with a representative from our independent network who lives and works in your community. If you live in Dallas and you want insight into what’s selling in the Metroplex, meet Sara Waskow. She lives there, too. Live all the way up in the Pacific Northwest? Talk to Charlie Magee, he’s the man with the plan in the Evergreen State. Arkansas or Tennessee? Wait until you get Dan Aronoff on the phone. He knows the scene from the Ozarks to the Great Smoky Mountains. And if you happen to live over the U.S. border in Canada? No problem. FranNet has five dedicated consultants who live up there too!

Buying a franchise is a process that requires time and effort. If you go it alone, you’ll have to do your own research while juggling financing, legalities, due diligence, training, and more. But by partnering with a local franchise consultant from FranNet, who understands the nuances and considerations of doing business in your particular area, you’ll have an inside source to help you handle the heavy lifting, streamlining your process, and helping you to succeed.

To find the FranNet consultant in your area, visit our consultant directory. At the top of the page, you can sort and filter our consultants by country, states or provinces, or by zip code.

Experience Matters

As any previous FranNet client will tell you, there’s just no substitute for experience. Our consultants have hundreds of years of combined experience in guiding entrepreneurs to business ownership through franchising. They have the kind of industry specific experience to help you break down the intimate details of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). They can explain what the franchisor’s Item 19 form reveals—and what it doesn’t. No matter your concern, be it legal, financial, or real estate in nature, FranNet consultants have the experience to connect you to the right resources at the right time.

As an organization, the localized reach and experience of FranNet’s consultants are what drive our collective success. Many of our representatives are past and present franchise owners, former brand executives, area developers, and business professionals within the franchising industry. And did we happen to mention how much it costs for access to these qualified FranNet representatives?

$0. That’s zero with a z.

FranNet’s services are always no-cost, and no-obligation. As for the clients we serve, we place a premium on one key practice—the decision-making is always left up to you. All this and more make FranNet an unstoppable force in the world of franchising. We humbly invite you to experience it for yourself

Apr 15, 2021