Make ‘Em Double Take: Establishing Your Brand


How to make your franchise stand out through marketing and branding


Just like a random encounter between two individuals passing by on the street, interest is created after the eye has been caught and the focus has been established. In the same way, a spark is lit when your franchise stands out from the inundation of advertisements that the average city-slicker experiences. It is integral to stand out from the crowd and give your customer a metaphorical inviting wink–attention leads to action.


The branding of a franchise through its advertising and marketing campaigns is a key determinant in the long-term success or failure of the franchise. The overall package that your franchise offers its target marketmust be presented and displayed through the type of marketing, quality of product and consistency of experience.


Be the Answer to their Question

Whether you own a food-based franchise or otherwise, it is important to make an impression on the consumer by planting a question in their psyche that your franchise can answer clearly and decisively. This method can take form through an advertising campaign which establishes the brand as an answer, to a prevailing question which will have an ever-renewable quality. An example of this was seen in the Snickers campaign as it asked “Hungry? Grab a Snickers.” Being confronted with an easily-answerable question will inherently cause your customer to think about your franchise for at least a few seconds longer as they consider the implications of their actions based on the answer to your advertising.


Emotionalize Your Advertising

By attaching an emotional appeal, whether it be a certain ethos provided by your franchise or the external persona of the franchise that is desirable to the customer, the emotions latent within the brand of your franchise are integral. An example of brand-ethos is found in the warming, homey vibes of Panera Bread, or the sleek, cutting edge entrepreneurial feel of Chipotle. Your customer will attach themselves to a brand that matches what they want to feel inwardly and desire to be seen as externally. Panera Bread recently made its way onto the Canadian ‘fast casual’ food scene. Having an already recognizable brand from its domination in America, this franchise easily adapted to the new market through its easily identifiable high-quality, fresh artisan sandwiches with a clean, refined and vegan-friendly attitude.


Stay Consistent

Through the consistent application of your brand in both quality of product and spirit of advertising, you can ensure the consumer’s trust in your franchise, providing the level of quality and experience that they expect every time. If one’s marketing campaigns do not match the experiential atmosphere of the physical location itself, the customer will be faced with cognitive dissonance as their expectations proved false. Consistency between your different brand marketing campaigns of the franchise’s vision, goals and aesthetics will ensure the stability and effectiveness of your franchise in the mind of the customer. By adhering to the standards of your franchise, you will earn the trust and loyalty of your customers.


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May 18, 2016