Make More Than a New Year’s Resolution: Become a Franchise Owner

Think back on your last year at work. The mindless nine to five work day. The grinding morning and evening commutes. The boss who never seemed to appreciate your input or congratulate your successes. Perhaps you even missed your son’s school play or the chance to cheer your daughter on in the last basketball game.

And even with all your hard work and long hours, you’re not sure where you’re going within the company, or whether you believe in the product.

It’s time to make a career change. Take the lead in your own life. Become a franchise owner.

Yes, it’s a bigger New Year’s Resolution than slimming down your waistline or cutting down on coffee. But with a bigger challenge comes greater fulfillment and freedom. And that’s way better than buying smaller jeans.

Here are a few reasons why many Americans are becoming franchisees. Once you start thinking about it, of course, there are many more benefits than can be listed here:

1. Be Your Own Boss

Never spend the drive home thinking If only my boss would listen to my ideas. You’re the boss! Let your creativity and drive transform your ideas into reality. And because you’re embarking on a franchise, there will be plenty of guidance and support, whether you’re a newbie at marketing or need some design ideas.

2. Get Started Quick and Spend Less Money

With the power of group spending, your supplies, whether it’s furniture, ingredients or machinery, will cost less, meaning that you can open up quickly. Because suppliers want to offer your franchise discounts for large purchases, you’ll benefit from the lower prices without having to do your own negotiating.

3. Rest Easy and Succeed

As a franchisee, you’re taking on a business plan that is time-tested and you’re contributing to a brand that works. After all, your customers will already know your brand, which puts you a step ahead of the competition. Any way you look at it, becoming a franchise owner is much less risky than starting your own business, and you get all the advantages of being an owner.

We think becoming a franchise owner is a no brainer. You’ll be enjoying this New Year’s Resolution far past the end of February.

Jan 6, 2017