Make That List. Check it Twice. Prepping for 2019 Goals

We keep mentioning it in this space and each time it becomes more real. 2018 is winding down—and quickly. This is FranNet’s last blog post before we enter the final month of December. How did we get here so fast? While some would argue that it’s still a tad early to put up Christmas lights, present company excluded, it just might be time to make a list. And check it twice. Let’s talk about how you can prep for some personal goals in 2019.

Here’s a great start. By beginning your goal-setting exercise now, you’re getting a one-month jump on the competition. And putting off this exercise, only to watch your time evaporate around the holidays, is no way to ensure you’ll actually have something to shoot for. Nope, it’s best to start now and here’s how.

You can’t go forward without a healthy look back. Break out a notebook and relive the past 12 months. Write down the things you’re proud that you have accomplished. Perhaps it was running your first 5k and losing some pounds along the way. Perhaps it was a new attitude you committed to having around the office. Be generous with yourself. Feel free to also log your disappointments, because this is where the improvement will coincide in 2019.

It’s no secret that we at FranNet want you to become your own boss. Hopefully, you feel the same way. But you’ll need a plan. Turn the page in that notebook and get started with a 12-month outlook for 2019. Set an achievable goal for each month. If it’s finances that are dictating your end-run at franchise ownership, make careful calculations on exactly when you can make your move.

Create a list consisting of your support team. Write their names down and give each one a role they will play in your goal-planning. It should include your immediate family, close friends, a business associate or two and the professional assistance buying a franchise requires—a good legal and accounting contact. At your chosen time, reach out to each person on your list and express your thoughts and feelings about owning your own business. Formally enlist their help.

Now it’s time to create your plan of attack. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to take you until December of next year to complete your goal-setting exercise. This is about making 2019 a year of change and progress. And that comes on your timetable, not someone else’s. If franchising is where you want to be because of the numerous benefits it offers an entrepreneur, pencil us in for whenever you’re ready to take the leap of faith to success. We promise you will find a willing partner on the other end, ready to guide you to the right business, the right fit and the right outlook for you and your family’s future.

We encourage you to get that notebook in order. Set your goals. Check them off. Always conduct a follow through exercise. When FranNet gets a chance to factor into your plans, simply make a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with a qualified representative who both lives and works in your area.

You’ve heard the phrase, “…there’s no time like the present.” Well, at FranNet, we mean it. December starts this Saturday.

Will you be ready?

Let’s chat! There’s a local FranNet consultant right in your market who knows that market inside and out – knows the personality of the market – knows the competitive landscape. FranNet has a great track record of assisting individuals on their path to entrepreneurship, and one of our franchise experts would love to provide you with guidance free of charge. Sound like something you might be interested in? Get started here and find your local consultant right now!

Dec 4, 2018