Making the Most Out of Networking: Cultivating Local Partnerships for the Future

No doubt you know the value in networking, though have you realized the value of doing it within your community to increase sales and growth? Perhaps you’ve tried doing networking at major conferences to help build relationships nationwide or internationally. Keep in mind that networking locally is just as valuable and can help you establish equally valuable partnerships.

What steps should you take to go about this in a smart way? You may find a few surprises on approach. Doing this in the New Jersey/New York area can bring you numerous important connections.

Branching Out From Your Own Industry Groups

As Gay Gaddis wrote on Forbes, networking within your own industry can limit you on the valuable contacts and potential client possibilities. It’s best to branch out to other industries correlating to what you do. Or, connect with other companies that could become potential clients.

Attending their own events shows your appreciation and gives you a chance to connect with them. When you reach out first to do a favor for someone, they’ll usually reciprocate. Just be sure to converse with them if they hold a talk or conference so you can exchange contact information.

Connecting With Local Media

Take some time to reach out to your local media, both TV stations, radio, and newspapers. These can become major venues to make connections in your local community. First, you need to find reporters who look for business stories like yours.

This is key: Tell a story about your business and what you want to accomplish. Connecting this to the right media outlet is going to get the word out about your mission. Others with similar frames of mind are going to want to meet up with you immediately.

Networking Organizations in New York

Local organizations in New York hosting business networking events are a good place to connect as well. The New York City Business Networking Group is one of the best, mainly because membership is free.

Since 2007, this group has hosted over 350 networking events, helping businesses big and small connect with valuable people. An event takes place every month, so take some time to look at their schedule.

Networking Organizations in New Jersey

Those of you based in New Jersey also have numerous networking organizations in the area. If you’re a businesswoman who needs some help to grow your company, consider The New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners. Around for almost 40 years, they’ve helped countless women in business scale their startups.

Available in six regions throughout NJ, it’s another example of how networking locally creates a larger list of contacts than connecting on a wider scale.

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Aug 3, 2017