Mark Roger Keeps Indiana Entrepreneurs Together At the Round Table

Finding success as a franchise business owner is all about research, leadership and networking. With the myriad of unpredictable circumstances an owner faces in the first few years, a guiding hand can provide the right amount of support for a new owner. FranNet continuously strives to arm aspiring entrepreneurs with innovative, powerful tools that will put them ahead of the competition and make the early years smoother.

Mark Roger, FranNet MidAmerica in Indiana, knew entrepreneurs needed resources beyond an accountant and attorney to be successful. They needed connections with business networking groups, health insurance providers, bookkeepers, professional coaching, etc. In conjunction with his partnership with the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC), Mark created an entrepreneur educator collective, a public – private profession partnership, called the E Round Table – providing professional expertise focusing on a business owners’ initial 3 years in business.

“With FranNet, our clients are vulnerable to negativity and constant second-guessing. Teaching aspiring, young entrepreneurs that are just starting out help to keep me attuned to their issues, perspectives and reservations,” said Mark. It reminds me to have a bit of empathy and, of course, provides great life stories to share with FranNet clients working through our process.”

The E Round Table is coordinated, marketed and underwritten by FranNet MidAmerica and has several educational programs for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship groups free of charge throughout Indiana. Members of the E Round Table participate in quarterly meetings to work on entrepreneurship programming as well as an opportunity for E Round Table members to network among themselves.

Currently, there are 24 professionals that have agreed to provide two presentations on their subject of expertise annually throughout Indiana. Areas of expertise include: various insurance providers, state procurement, social media, advertising, sales coaching, as well as a SBA Officer and a SBDC Regional Director.

“Just as you get personal enjoyment in starting an individual out in a FranNet business – you can get the same excitement from working with an inspiring entrepreneur who has an “a-ha” moment,” said Mark. “Better yet, that entrepreneur may eventually purchase a franchise – double the fun!” 

The E Round Table has started identifying and addressing concerns beyond education. Recently, they’ve begun work on a conference room-share program for start-ups and entrepreneurship groups. Members recognized a need for professional conference room space for start-ups and groups to entertain clients, bankers, and large presentations. To rectify this, FranNet MidAmerica is implementing an electronic sign-up process on space participating professionals are voluntarily providing within their own workspaces.

 “My goals for the future of The E Round Table is to equip Indiana with an entrepreneurship education collective that has a communal conscious. These types of programs demonstrate that FranNet provides local business expertise, exceptional franchise knowledge and serves as the primary resource in entrepreneurship and business fundamentals education.”

For more information on FranNet services contact Mark Roger at (317) 646-2697 or visit

Aug 1, 2015