4 Hometown Marketing Ideas For Your Franchise

The best marketing strategy for a franchise may not necessarily be a nationwide marketing campaign. A well-known brand is already, well, well-known. What audience becomes the most important to reach? Your local community. A hometown marketing campaign is the best way to grow your local, well-known brand. Here are 4 tips to help get the word out around town that you are open, ready for business and committed to exceeding customer expectations.

1. Stake Your Claim

Become the local face behind the well-known brand. Take advantage of every opportunity to personalize your franchise with your own face. Upload an image of self on your website. Create an online avatar with the same image that is linked to emails, texts, business phone number, social media accounts, etc. The majority of your customers are online. When your business engages with them, stake your claim with a personal image of ownership. When a client’s smartphone rings or a text arrives, they don’t just see a number. They see the face of a real person. Become a recognized face along with being a recognized brand.

2. Get Social

Stay active on social media. Posting relevant industry content is great. Posting standard branding content is to be expected. But don’t overlook the advantage of connecting and interacting with local businesses in your community. Reciprocal sharing with other hometown businesses trying to accomplish the same goal is win/win for everyone.

3. Become A Hub Of Hubbub

Stir up chatter in town about your establishment. This can be accomplished through the worldwide web’s most popular business review sites. Set up accounts on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and Google Places for Businesses. Don’t be shy about asking loyal customers to post a review. And make sure that you respond with a word of thanks for a great review and resolve any issues that arise from a negative review.

4. Collaborate

Partner with local businesses that complement your own. Own a restaurant franchise? Partner with a local movie theater to offer a date night package. Share advertising opportunities. But don’t just receive from your hometown. Make sure to give back. It is important to collaborate with a local charity. For example, become the neighborhood ice cream parlor with a reputation for promoting literacy, supporting the local library and donating space for local book clubs.

For more great marketing ideas for your franchise, partner with franchise business consultants that are committed to your success.

Aug 31, 2017