Mentors Are Invaluable

The course of your day is full of problem solving, meetings, spreadsheets and emails. With each passing week, you grow more connected and skilled at what you do, yet there was a time when it was a long way until you reached this level. One thing that builds a solid road to success for anyone is the guidance of a strong mentor.

To get things straight, there are no boundaries in the world of mentorship. Anyone, at any age and stage of their professional career, can benefit from another. You do not have to forge ahead alone, there are professionals inside and outside your network that can offer valuable pieces of advice. When you are looking for a mentor, it is good to start with your current surroundings. Think of those you admire and respect and if several people come to mind, don’t be afraid to seek counsel from more than one. Decide what you need from these relationships, what skills you would like to see further developed and match yourself accordingly.

Mentors will not only provide you with the tools to grow and expand on your strengths and work on your weaknesses, they also have the potential to open doors. As you cultivate a relationship with your mentor, you will find that they too have a strong network. Through your learning experience, you might also be led to new opportunities that could further your professional career. Apply attention to developing this relationship so your mentor knows which direction you see yourself going.

Not only will you learn from a mentor and potentially be introduced to new opportunities, they should also keep you honest and give unbiased advice and criticism. Let your mentor illustrate to you how others perceive you and your work ethic. Listen to their feedback and keep yourself honest.

Having a more experienced helper by your side could do wonders for your business. If you are experiencing any difficulties in your workplace, let you mentor advise you on potential ways to overcome it. Whatever you’re going through, chances are they have been through it themselves. Not only that, but they could help you when planning ahead. It is crucial for a business to think of their goals and create a business plan that evolves with the company. Their experience can help guide you to realistic goals.

To flip sides, if you are the mentor in this situation, you will learn a good deal of the same things. You will get to see how others in your field (or outside your field) are innovating and communicating. Discover what new technologies are being used in and outside the office and learn new marketing techniques that are being utilized by other companies. Having another’s perspective is never a negative.

The exchanging of advice and ideas is nothing new to the workplace. However, having an intentional mentor will go a step further. Reach out to others and you might be pleasantly surprised by how many people reach back.


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Sep 8, 2015