Never Say Never – Age Has No Power

Being a late bloomer is normally a frustrating experience, yet some entrepreneurs are making the most of their age and achieving their dreams. Success is for anyone at any stage of life– it could happen at anytime time for the wildest of reasons.

Take entrepreneur legends like Ray Kroc, John Pemberton and Harland Sanders –they didn’t create the businesses we all know today until later in life. They are proof that an empire can be built with a little gray hair and spirit! History is dotted with men and women that didn’t start out with their life-changing idea or weren’t labeled “natural-born entrepreneurs.” The same goes for modern entrepreneurs.

As author Isabel Allende says in her TED talk, “society defines when we are old.” She really nails it on the head. You age has zero control over your ambitions, passions and life goals. Each year brings with it the ability to be equally as thrilling and satisfying as earlier phases. Getting older just means you have a plethora of new opportunities that were never available to you as a younger businessperson.

Several people avoid major life changes because they think it’s safer not to mess with their current routine. Safety is important, but what makes you think being your own boss or owning a business won’t be safe? The years up until now have given you the gift of experience. Your earned skills will help you anticipate issues and ultimately make informed decisions. Don’t use your age as an excuse for not going after what you want most.

Your age is the equivalent of a fine, aged whiskey: highly valued, greatly enjoyed and strong with a kick! Don’t believe for a second that you can’t do something – in fact you are probably in a better position now than your younger self. Not only that, but you will have connections in your community and you will know how to gather support from long-time neighbours.  Use your network and pull together a team that will work alongside you and support your long-term goals. Start exploring and ask current franchisees for advice.

You are the sole influencing factor for what happens in your life. If you want to be your own boss, do it. Age does not define your limits, you do. Start the research and get your name into the marketplace, you’d be surprised at how much you can still accomplish.

Sep 23, 2015