New Dad, New Town, and New Franchise in Four Months

Michelle and Ryan Kinsley are a dynamic young couple who always envisioned themselves as business owners. They were focused on finding a business that would be right for their newly growing family but overwhelmed with so many options. With Ryan’s background as a government analyst, he knew how to do the research, but decided he needed someone with the right franchising experience to help. 

In just four months’ time, Ryan moved to a new city, bought a new house, welcomed his first child, and invested in his family’s future through franchise ownership.  How DID he do it?

What drove you to make the leap from a seemingly secure career position to the entrepreneurial unknown?

Ryan: My wife, Michelle, and I had been married for about a year.  We were still living in a 1-bedroom apartment in downtown Atlanta when we found out that we were expecting a child.  We realized that we needed to make some life decisions quickly so that we would be ready when our child arrived. At the time, I was extremely burned out in my position with the government.  I had been reading books for over a year on franchising and small business. After talking with my wife, I decided to reach out to FranNet to explore franchise opportunities.

What were the most important factors in deciding on the business you ultimately chose? 

Ryan: With a child on the way, Michelle and I knew we wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life.  We both grew up in medium-small cities in Georgia, so we wanted to raise our child in a similar environment.  Finding a business that would work in one of our desired areas was a major factor. I also wanted to find a business that would allow me to attend my child’s activities and life events. Finally, finding something with somewhat traditional work hours so that I was not always working when my wife and child were at home.

You and Michelle just welcomed your first child…how did you think about the timing of starting your family and the timing of going into business for yourself? 

Ryan: We bought our first house, started a business, and had a child all within four months.  We joke that if our marriage survived that, we can make it through anything. As I mentioned, the baby was a driving factor in getting this business started so I wanted to get everything up and running as far in advance of the baby coming as possible.  

How are you managing so much change at once – a new business and a new family member?

Ryan: As the owner of Monster Tree Service of Athens, I tell everyone that all my time is now spent with either the big monster or my little monster.  I put a lot of time into running my business and raising my child, but I don’t do it alone. I made sure to hire experienced, driven employees who are self-sufficient and can troubleshoot many of their own problems.  Because of this, I am able to focus on the most important issues in growing a company. It goes without saying that I couldn’t do any of this without Michelle and the support of our friends and family.  

What advice would you give to young families like yourself wanting to start their own business?

Ryan: Be sure to do your research! I can’t stress that enough. Read books, talk to business owners, contact a franchise consultant, and find the end of the internet before you commit to starting your own business.  The right franchise consultant will help you find the right fit for you and your situation. I reached out to Leslie Kuban at FranNet of Atlanta because she has many years of experience in the industry, knows my local market, and is a franchisee herself. She took my wants and needs and generated a shortlist of opportunities that she felt would fit my goals. She never pressured me in any direction, and she was always available to help with any concerns I had. 

“You will be scared, but you will also know when you have found the right opportunity for you.”  

Do you think he was talking about franchising, new homeownership or the joys of his new family? Perhaps all of the above. Happy Father’s Day from FranNet! 

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Leslie Kuban is a nationally recognized franchise industry expert, CFE (Certified Franchise Executive), and Market President of FranNet in Atlanta; a locally owned and operated franchise consulting firm. 

Leslie and her team have helped close to 500 individuals and families achieve their dreams of business ownership through a no-cost, extensive educational and coaching process. Her personal experience as a franchise owner provides a unique perspective to help her clients assess their real opportunities, risks, and timing to make sound decisions. Connect with Leslie online or call 502-530-0143 to start the conversation today.

Jun 11, 2019