Oliver Guminski: A FranNet Success Story

In many respects, Oliver Guminski represents the American dream. As a German immigrant, he built a successful career in New York City as a stock and bond trader specializing in working with European clients.

He and his wife also built a family, and in 2005 they moved to beautiful suburban Monmouth County, New Jersey with their two children.

But in the mid-2000s, things began changing in the financial industry, and Guminski no longer enjoyed the convenience of being based in Manhattan or the work-life balance that he had become accustomed to over his nearly 20 year career.

Suddenly, Guminski‘s commute became longer – much longer.

“I had to commute to London,” he said.

Guminski‘s work still provided a good living for his family, but it now required him to live most of the time in London. Over the span of five years, he lived in London for upwards of a month at a time, returning home to his family in New Jersey for only two to seven days at a time in between.

Unwilling to continue his grueling “commute” or relocate his family to London, Guminski gave up his position, returned to New Jersey, and began looking for a new job in his field. Much to his dismay, Guminski discovered that the best opportunities were still in Europe.

“I considered buying a business instead,” he said. And that’s when he met with a FranNet consultant.

“In addition to helping me understand how franchises worked, the consultant suggested different businesses that would be ideal for my background and personality,” said Guminski.

With months, Guminski became the proud owner of one CertaPro Painters franchise, and soon purchased another.

CertaPro Painters is a 25-year-old company specializing in painting and maintenance services. Guminski says he now has a total of about 15 working for him, and he anticipates hiring even more this spring.

Taking a leap from finance to painting might sound like a big risk, but Guminski says, “from my own background, I already knew how to build strong customer relationships, service often-demanding clients, and keep them happy, satisfied and coming back.”

Guminski has plans to continue to expand the business by growing their service offerings, earning repeat customers, and keeping employees happy by treating them well and giving them assurance that they have steady, valuable work.

Most importantly, Guminski is able to spend much more quality time with is family. Although his new career keeps him busy, he and his family are happy that he is able to return home each night.

“I love being home,” he says.

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May 30, 2017