Overcome Burnout and Forge Ahead

It’s okay, you can admit it. You’re definitely not alone, some may experience once in their lives while others go through it multiple times. It’s the dreaded burnout, the ever-building struggle of staying energized and passionate about your profession. A business owner endures a demanding mix of energy, knowledge, and constant innovation. It’s no surprise that after awhile it can wear on you, but it doesn’t have to ruin you.

There are several helpful articles that illuminate the coping mechanisms others have adopted to bring control and happiness back to their routine, but a common theme runs throughout each one: a lack of change or challenge. The first few years fly by in a whirl of hope and determination with each day bringing a new, intricate puzzle to solve. Yet, after the company has reached maturity, the potential for burnout increases. When you cozy up to the idea that you’re mature and no longer need to strive for success, the lack of challenge will drive you to boredom. Discover how to dish out an appropriate amount of challenge so each day is a puzzle you still enjoy solving.

How many times do you check social media or wish to do anything but sit at your desk and work? Procrastination, in my experience, can mean one of two things: what you need to do is boring and you are avoiding it with other, more fun things or the task is repetitive or predictable and you’re tired of doing it. When you find yourself constantly drifting toward anything but your work, it’s time for a break. Physically walk away from the task and get some fresh air. Or, as Entrepreneur simply put it: get a life. You need to have some fun, so get out and find what makes you happy.

Don’t stress over burnout, realize that you have reached that point in your career and start evaluating what the next steps are. Approach it as another problem to solve for your business to succeed and realize that it can be fun reigniting the sparks that fuel your dream. Look to make small changes inside and outside the office and you will slowly transition from bummed to blissful.


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Feb 1, 2016