Pre-Screen Yourself Before Choosing Franchise Concepts

If you’ve harbored thoughts about becoming your own boss in the near future and franchising appeals to you, then you have choices. In fact, you have over 3,000 franchise concepts to choose from. That’s a big number, so how in the world should you narrow down which ones appeal to you? First, by taking your time. During this edition of FranNet’s blog, we’re going to explore some internal exercises that will help you create a strong list of candidates based on your own preferences.

If your mind is already made up, it’s made up. You may have already decided that a particular franchise is exactly what you want. There’s no harm in that, but there’s also no harm in reading further and seeing if you truly are making the right choice.

This is an exercise in introspection. Meaning, self-evaluation. You’re going to have to get a blank sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. Yep, the old pros and cons of your business ownership preferences. Questions to ask yourself as you put pen to paper: Do I want a business that mirrors my career to this point? Do I want to go in a completely new direction? Do I want to be an owner or a manager?

What are my interests? What are my passions? These are broad-based questions designed to get you thinking about who you are and what you aren’t.

Later in the exercise, you can get into the finer details. What type of hours do I prefer to put in? Will I choose a business with weekend hours? Who’s going to run the cash register? 

What you’re really doing is pre-screening yourself. And it’s also a big part of what we at FranNet do with our new clients. Often times, budding entrepreneurs come to us with a three-ring binder, chock full of pages upon pages of details about their franchise dreams. They have things completely mapped out. Others come in for appointments with our qualified representatives and say, “I’m not sure franchising is for me, but I’d like your opinion on the matter.” No paperwork. No binders.

We believe that there is a good deal of good that can come from pre-screening yourself on your franchise ownership preferences. After all, nobody knows better than you what your hopes and desires are in becoming a business owner. Whatever the answers, we’d just like the opportunity to facilitate the rest of the process with you. Officially, that’s called the franchise investigative process.

If you’re in the market to test the waters of franchise ownership, now is the perfect time to take stock of what you’ve accomplished to date and how you’d like your new life as your own boss to unfold. So pre-screen yourself. The best thing about this decision is how much it will free up your destiny. If you’re solely in charge of your own future, take the time and reflection to find out what you really want to do as a business owner.

If you were a captain of industry in your previous life, you might not picture yourself running a mobile pet-grooming business. But if you hated being behind a desk for eight hours a day, hated the endless meetings and conference calls, hated having to answer to superiors who weren’t actually that superior, you never know. You might totally enjoy cruising through beautiful neighborhoods in your own custom mobile unit, breathing fresh air, meeting interesting people and expressing your abundant love for animals. The best part? You’re now working for yourself. The only boss that matters.

See what we mean?


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Dec 12, 2017