This President’s Day, Reflect On Your Own Leadership

It takes a special kind of person to become president. After all, leading the free world is no easy job, requiring courage, patience, people skills, and creativity.

Sound familiar?

Business owners know a thing or two about leadership, and there are quite a few presidents in our nation’s history who have taken what they’ve learned as business owners into the Oval Office. This President’s Day, here are some of our favorite business-owners-turned-Chief-Executives to get you in the patriotic spirit!

  • Jimmy Carter. Two decades before taking oath, Carter’s father passed away, leaving him a large, struggling peanut farm. Though he could have sold it to jumpstart a new venture, Carter decided to continue the family tradition, managing the property back into prosperity within a few years.
  • Warren Harding. Perhaps it was youthful folly that drove Harding to buy out a failing newspaper before he had even reached his twentieth birthday. Yet, the Marion Star benefited from the young man’s bravery, and Harding was able to claim success as a business owner before taking over the White House.
  • Abraham Lincoln. This beloved president may just take the cake on most interesting early ventures, with a hand in law, sales, and inventing. That’s right, Lincoln not only ran a law firm, but he also owned a general store and is the only U.S. president in history to hold a patent (for lifting riverboats off of sandbars, of all things). You could say this ruler of the free world wore many different top-hats!

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably not surprised to see the variety of pursuits taken on by future-presidents. Owning a business, whether it’s a peanut farm, a law firm, a newspaper, or your wonderful venture, requires strength, perseverance, and most importantly of all, executive leadership. This President’s Day, while you’re thinking about the nation’s great leaders, don’t feel shy in giving yourself a pat on the back, too!

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Feb 20, 2017