Quitting Your Day Job, a Story of When Enough Became Enough


“Take this job and shove it,

I ain’t workin’ here no more,

My woman done left and took all of the reasons,

I was workin’ for.

Better not try to get in my way,

Cause I’m walkin’ out the door,

Take this job and shove it,

I ain’t workin’ here no more…”

Country music legend Johnny Paycheck gets the credit for this memorable refrain from a time-honored song, “Take This Job and Shove It”, about quitting your job. And, as it’s rightfully assumed, many a current franchisee got to this crossroad decision at some point in their illustrious Corporate America careers. What gets a current job holder to the breaking point? During this edition of FranNet’s blog, we’re going to relay a story in which enough became enough.

Before we begin, we’d be remiss if we didn’t state that not all franchising opportunities require you to quit your job. In fact, the semi-absentee franchise model is built upon the preconception that you will keep your day job, hiring a manager to look after your new business venture. But for many out there toiling away, dreaming of a better tomorrow in which they finally take control of their own destiny, we offer you this tale… 

Meet Reuben Rock. He quit a six-figure salary job to become the new owner of a carpet cleaning franchise. And he didn’t know the first thing about cleaning carpets. What he did know was that he had long harbored feelings of internal resentment for his 20 years of “…building up someone else’s dream.” Sure, he got paid for his efforts, but the output had no lasting meaning or legacy for him and his burgeoning family.

His reasoning for taking the proverbial entrepreneurial plunge in life will sound quite familiar to those interested in franchising. His key question for others is this: “Do you want to live your whole life wondering what might have happened if you started that business instead of chasing a 3% raise?” He follows that up with another quote of wisdom: “The longer you stay in a job giving 50% of your effort just to keep the checks rolling in, the longer you put off giving 100% of your effort to creating something of your own.” Starting to sound familiar?

Here’s something else. Unlike Johnny Paycheck, he didn’t just walk out the door after telling his boss to shove it. He carefully planned for his future in franchising. He saved the requisite amount of money which he put aside to ensure a smooth transition. He talked about the lifestyle change with his significant other. He knew there was the possibility of failure. But he wasn’t about to let it happen because of a lack of effort on his part. These are the same ideals we preach during our consultations.

Rock’s new life as a franchisee has been a successful one to date. He followed his dream of building a future of his own for himself and his family. It’s the true franchise success story.

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Nov 3, 2017