Ready, Aim, Fire: Target Markets

Knowing your target market and how to appeal to it


How you market to your desired customer will play a large role in the success of your franchise. By catching attention, gaining reputability and earning loyalty, marketing strategies are a foundational tool in the long-term running of your franchise which leads to personal satisfaction and success for you as the franchisee.


In most franchises, the majority of the ground work is already laid out for you, which makes the job much easier and more appealing for you. Centralized marketing is one of the greatest strengths of franchising, where funds are pooled from all franchisees in a system which gives superior marketing power. Such power is achieved by enabling the brand to engage in marketing strategies that one individual would not be able to afford, such as running a television ad campaign. Nonetheless, there can be some room for creative advertising on your end, according to the specific location and target market that you have, individuated from the overarching franchise.


Develop Marketing Plan

By building a marketing plan, formed around the understanding of that which the franchisor has already accomplished and put into effect on behalf of the brand as a whole, you are designing a conceptual framework which will help you be clear on your objectives and outline plans for success.


Population Analysis

Understanding where you are located, and how your product or service appeals to a certain group of people is integral to effective marketing. Differing geographical areas demand targeted messaging, and different images appeal to varying demographics. For example, the methodological marketing will look completely different from a fast food chain with a high school around the corner, thanan air duct cleaning service franchise. Conforming to the expectations and enlivening the desire of your consumer base will cause them to actually reach out to you, rather than engaging in fruitless efforts to catch the attention of a disinterested market. Therefore it is important to run population analysis and test the statistics.


Access to Material

As a franchisee, certain elements can be put into play by the franchisor in order to make it easier for you to take advantage of different marketing windows of opportunity.

Ideally, you can put advertising campaigns into effect using material provided by the franchise that is easily accessible and all from one place, instead of having to gather materials from multiple locations, which can be an arduous and long process.


Create Community-Oriented Content

Once you understand your target market, you must take advantage of marketing strategiesthat are designed in a modular format, which allows an individually customizable method of advertising.Therefore, you can apply your specific knowledge of your target market in such realms as community, tastes and preferences, and traffic patterns. By creating fresh content that appeals to your specific area and consumer population, you will gain opportunity and monetary success as the attention and intention of the consumer is engaged.


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Jun 14, 2016