Removing the Emotional Connection to Business Ownership

If you aren’t already aware of this fact, there are thousands of franchise concepts to choose from. Spanning dozens of industries and profiles, you can likely find a franchised business for any occasion. It’s not difficult to contemplate when you consider the type of businesses available to own and operate using franchising’s business model. There are brick-and-mortar storefront operations, mobile-based concepts, and franchises that you can run out of the spare bedroom in your home. You may end up selling a product, a service, or a combination of both. In fact, if you can think of a business opportunity, it’s a safe bet that there’s a franchise out there somewhere taking advantage of it.

So, with so many concepts to choose from, how do you really go about finding the perfect match?

The smartest entrepreneurs who yearn to own a business of their own seek advice and assistance. The exact kind provided by franchise brokers such as FranNet. Because we have the expertise to help you navigate your ownership journey the right way. And one of the first tenets of our practice is to mention the importance of keeping an open mind as you review franchise concepts.

Franchise Readiness

We do this because our method is scientific. We begin with an Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile that can reveal whether you’re cut out for the franchising business model to begin with. It may sound surprising, but some folks aren’t meant to own and operate a franchise because the business model doesn’t align with their work style, attitude, or lifestyle goals. The answers you provide in your profile provide FranNet with an assessment of your values, your motivations, your work style, and your investment tolerance level. That information, in turn, is fed through our algorithmic calculations to match up franchise concepts that match up with you.

And guess what—some of the results are going to surprise you.

Above All, You’re a Business Owner

Imagine for a moment you’ve been a successful accountant for over 25 years. You understand bookkeeping, financial records, and the intricate mysteries of the Canadian tax codes. Does this mean you’ll be matched up with a consultant-based franchise opportunity? If you’ve been honest with your values and motivations, likely not. You’re choosing to franchise to begin a whole new career—one closely aligned with your strengths and desire for a new career path. So, if our results show that you would likely make a good match as the owner of a corporate cleaning outfit like Jan-Pro, don’t turn up your nose. Here’s why! Owners of a Jan-Pro franchise do not show up to work with a mop bucket and ringer, like the employees do. They’re business owners, not cleaning personnel.

Think about this—a business is simply a vehicle that helps you achieve your ownership goals. At the end of the day, does the concept truly matter that much? It may take some contemplation to get it, but at the end of the day, you don’t have to love a product or a service to capitalize on it as the businesses’ owner.

Lose the Emotional Connection

This is what is meant by the title of our latest blog. You don’t need an emotional connection to a business to be successful. That’s because successful people are in the business of business, not a love affair with what’s being offered. Imagine yourself at the helm of a successful restaurant, with lines that snaked around the building and reservations booked months in advance. That looks impressive to others, right? But now imagine that deep down inside, you’re miserable. You work endless hours, get little sleep, have no time for family, and no opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now compare this to the Jan-Pro owner whose business is successful, thriving, and still leaves time for you to have the life you wished for in your readiness profile.

Who is the real winner amidst this contrasting view? That is why we implore you to keep an open mind and remove the emotional connection to business ownership.

If you’re open to reevaluating your circumstances and are willing to consider a future where you control the narrative, let FranNet of Canada lead you to an opportunity that exceeds your expectations. All of our services are always no-cost and no-obligation. With consultants serving every Canadian province, there’s a FranNet of Canada representative near you, who also lives and works in your territory. Find out who we are by selecting “Canada” on the FranNet Franchise Consultant Directory page of our website.

Aug 2, 2021