Save Time Space and Money On Your Next Business Trip

At first, the thought of an upcoming business trip is one of optimism. This is the time you’ll get to meet the client face-to-face/network/finalize a deal … etc. But then the thought of air travel creeps to the forefront. If you’re like many frequent business travelers, then it’s likely your mind then jumps to thoughts of long delays, jetlag, stress and impending exhaustion.

The challenge with traveling is that the work doesn’t stop just because you’re in the air. The expectation is you’re always connected. Business trips are deceivingly challenging. According to a 2012 survey by the Global Business Travel Association, companies maintain a high level of productivity expectations even as you handle the unpredictable curve balls that so often accompany travel.

As you prepare for your next business adventure, however, there are a few tricks that could help you keep your trip on track.

  • Scratch off the bigger items like flights and hotel reservations from your checklist as quickly as you can. Look for deals and fewer layovers. The early start will also cut down on last minute changes and overall stress.
  • Don’t leave the hand sanitizer and breath mints behind. Enough said.
  • Have a list handy of “to-do’s” you can accomplish while on the way. Instead of saving everything for your destination, let the down time offer a way to sneak in some work. However, be careful not to wear yourself out. Set a limit for how much time you will spend on work, and reserve the remainder for a little relaxing and recharging.
  • Shoot for comfort when you can. If you can avoid checking you luggage, do so. Bring a roller bag and a laptop bag for under the seat. Try to start the flight with fully charged gadgets and, if possible, eat a nutritious meal before and after – don’t forget to drink water! Use the plane ride to gather your thoughts and focus on trip goals.
  • Wear your heaviest shoes on the plane as well as your heaviest coat. You’ll save room and that coat doubles as a good pillow, too.

Traveling for business can still be an adventure. With careful planning and the right state of mind, you’ll roll out of the airport (maybe a little less bright eyed) but satisfied with the trip and what you accomplished.

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Jan 12, 2016