Stuck in a rut? Try this Cure

Getting stuck in a rut is a serious dilemma that can affect just about anyone. If your life is going well, your daily routines act as necessary guidelines to control the flow of your life. However, daily routines can start to seem more like traps than guidelines and when they start to affect your mindset in a negative manner, they become ruts.

Humans are animals that are driven by persistence. When our lives are going well, that persistence pays off because it helps us achieve our goals and keep striving for new horizons. However, when you are in a negative cycle — such as being stuck in a dead end job with no room for advancement — that persistence can backfire because instead of feeling like we’re moving forward, we feel like we’re moving in a circle, just making the rut deeper and deeper.

There are a number of psychological tricks you can use to get yourself out of a rut, but the one thing they all have in common is that you have to change your mindset, which is no easy task.

Change is difficult and it’s scary, but once you’ve altered your mindset, gathered the courage to change and you have the motivation to change, you will find that the rut you are in isn’t that deep and isn’t that difficult to get out of.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, particularly one involving your job, one of the best ways to break out of it is to completely change your working situation. That could mean quitting your job and finding another one, but there is another way: business ownership.

How Franchising Helps You Break Out of a Rut

If life has got you down and the hamster wheel just keeps spinning under your feet, you can try starting a franchise. Let’s look at some of the ways franchise ownership can help you break out of a negative routine that has turned into a slog.

1. It’s a fundamental life change.

Going from working for someone else to being the boss is about as big a change as you can put your life through. You go from building wealth for someone else to building your own wealth and legacy. Being the one in charge brings all new challenges with it and new challenges mean you won’t have the time to think about old, boring routines. You’ll be far too busy getting your business up and running to be in any kind of rut.

2. You don’t have to go it alone.

The thing about opening a business is that it’s a long, lonely journey that has a lot of potential for pitfalls. When you join a franchise, you have help to avoid those pitfalls. Everything from training to marketing to your grand opening is done with the help of people who have been there and done it dozens of times before. This kind of assistance makes it much easier to own a business and break out of your rut.

3. There is nothing like the feeling of success.

Perhaps the best way a franchise can help you get out of a rut in life is that feeling of creating a successful business. Nothing can top the feeling of working hard and putting in maximum effort and being rewarded with success. Success means different things to different people, but however you measure it, there’s no way you can be in a rut if you are finding success at something you’ve created from scratch.

When you need to get out of a rut, nothing works quite as well as a big change and becoming a business owner is about as big a change as you can ask for. FranNet can help you with your business ownership goals by helping you decide which franchise would be best suited to getting you out of your rut. Even if you’re not in a rut, sign up for a free FranNet franchise search and consultation today. We would be delighted to help you take that first step toward a new, brighter future.

Sep 13, 2018