Taking on the Franchising Doubters

Many people are familiar with the nickname, “Doubting Thomas”. Its origins are Biblical, as Thomas was one of the lesser known Disciples. He earned this moniker because he refused to believe in things he could not see or touch. When it comes to embarking upon an entrepreneurial journey of your own, you’ll likely have some doubters as well. But that doesn’t preclude you from forging on, creating your own path to business ownership. In this edition of FranNet’s blog, we’re taking on the franchising doubters. Head on. Here what they say, as well as our response…

No shortcuts to success

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If it was easy, everyone would do it. There are no shortcuts to success. Sound familiar? When you hear the entrepreneurial calling, you’ll likely have to deal with a detractor or two. But your conviction and belief in yourself, coupled with factual statistics, should be all you need to stay the course. Franchising, by nature, is designed to provide you with a business that’s ready to run from day one. It will include a proven system that, when followed, allows you the best chance for success at the helm of your own business. There may not be shortcuts to success. But there are shortcuts to getting a solid business of your own that’s ready to operate from day one.

One-way streets

Many people, ne doubters, have the misguided notion that franchising is a one-way street. You pay them. You open a business under their branding. You make money. You pay them. Fact is, franchising includes a built-in support system like no other. You’re not alone. Not only will you have sound backing from your new corporate partner, but an army of other franchisees in the same network. This creates an unmatched alliance that is behind you, 100 percent. You won’t find that if you open a small business of your own volition.

Big bucks

A lot of franchising doubters are under the impression that you need millions of dollars to get into the game. While it’s true that there are well known franchise concepts that can require amounts in this range, they’re in the minority. What would you expect to pay for a 7-Eleven franchise? The same you should expect to pay for a top-of-the-line Tesla automobile. But if you’re only in the market for reliable transportation, there are thousands of economical choices, correct? The same goes for franchising. Many of our clients are truly amazed at the low-end investment on some of the nearly 3,000 concepts you can choose from. It doesn’t always take big bucks, folks. 

The decision to investigate the franchise process for the purpose of owning a business of your own is an important decision—maybe one of the most important you’ll ever make. It’s similar to other big decisions in life that will affect your future. If you plan on pursuing a college degree. Or joining the military to serve your country. Deciding whether or not to move cross-country to accept a job offer. Whose hand you choose in marriage. What do these situations have in common? Doubters. Why people choose to doubt the decisions you choose to make for your life is best saved for another column, as there are too many to list in this blog edition. It’s enough to be aware that not everyone is going to share the same enthusiasm for your own hopes and dreams. 

But we do. And we’d love to discuss your quest to own a business of your own through franchising. Getting started is simple. And you won’t find any Doubting Thomas’ in our world.

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May 22, 2018