The Trick To Finding Inspiration

Try this: stand up, stretch and maybe chat with a fellow co-worker. Why? Because powerful ideas are not usually found in high stress situations or isolation. If you want to bring innovation to your business, then you need to rid yourself of the notion that inspiration is hard to come by and let go of the pressure.

Inspiration is wild and trying to tame it defeats its purpose! It is referred to as a force or influence by the dictionary, and the truth about this force is we almost always have little to no control over when it will strike. The soft orange-red rays of a sunrise aren’t made by appointment, just as you don’t plan for the radio to play music that could spark a new idea.

To feel inspired, your mind has to genuinely, quite often spontaneously, connect with a new sensory experience and then draw emotion from it. What you must learn to accept about inspiration is it’s all around you, but you can’t plan or control it.

Does this mean you are supposed to wait around for inspiration to hit? Not necessarily. If your business is struggling for ideas, one thing that could help is creating an office atmosphere that is different from your normal routine. This could stir up fresh perspectives and later contribute innovative ideas that might improve your business.

Have brainstorming sessions with your team and include fun visuals and office games or exercises. Take your lunch break outside or play music at your desk. Stress will stifle creativity and make it harder to accomplish what you need to get done. Remember that little, yet noticeable changes can go a long way. The freedom of expression will create the results you’ve been looking for and your clients will pick up on the new attitude.

Lastly, and mostly importantly, follow through. It can feel off-putting to throw a wrench in your daily routine, but your team and your clients will appreciate a company that can keep them interested and deliver on their promises. Become more observant and take notice of your surroundings. You may think you’ve seen it all, but you’ll be surprised at the things you miss when you stop exploring. Rally the team, toss around thoughts and look around. Inspiration will surely follow.

Jan 20, 2016