The Unstoppable Fight for the Right Fit

When the concept of department stores spread, they introduced customers to fitting rooms. The idea was to ensure that garments were the right “fit” before being purchased. Just the same, FranNet believes clients should examine multiple franchise concepts to find the right ownership fit. In fact, it’s considered one of our unstoppable fights. There is a multi-layered approach to finding the right fit, and it begins when you contact FranNet and express your interest in beginning the investigative journey.

The unstoppable fight for the right fit begins with a simple online questionnaire that takes about a half-hour to complete. We call it our FranNet Entrepreneur Readiness Profile. To get started and find out if franchise ownership is right for you, simply click on the orange button in the upper right-hand corner of our main home page. Here’s what to expect:

What Does it Measure?

The Entrepreneur Readiness Profile analyzes your personality and preferences in four categories:

  • Your Values
  • Your Motivations
  • Your Work Style
  • Your Investment Tolerance

What Do My Answers Tell FranNet?

First and foremost, there are no right or wrong answers. The sections have multiple-choice questions designed to provide our internal algorithm with enough information to accurately map the type of franchise concepts that match up well with your answers. Combined, the answers you share in the readiness exercise will help build your personal Entrepreneur Profile.

Then What?

To review the results of your FranNet Entrepreneur Profile, we’ll arrange a no-cost, no-obligation review session. During this meeting, you’ll gain insight into the type of franchise opportunities where you’re most likely to thrive as a business owner. Be prepared to keep an open mind, as some answers may surprise and intrigue you. FranNet’s goal is to identify the most suitable franchise concepts and business models that best align with your personal preferences, including lifestyle, career, and financial goals.

FranNet clients are encouraged to sift through the options we’ve presented, asking questions that help narrow down the choices. While our consultants will provide the best answers to lead the discussion, the decision-making is always in your hands. When you do express an interest in moving forward on a franchise concept or two, FranNet will make the proper introductions to the brand’s development team. As you work in concert with these representatives, FranNet continues the unstoppable fight to find you the right fit by coaching you through the process and providing guidance. We’ll review the brand’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) together and facilitate the validation step, where you’ll get to interface with other franchisees in the brand’s system. We’ll work with you to suggest the right questions to ask and how to interpret the answers you’ll receive.

As the investigative process is nearing a close, FranNet will be there to guide you through Discovery Day, which is an up-close-and-personal experience at the franchise brand’s headquarters, hosted by their executive leadership. Once this trip is complete, you’ll have a decision to make. We’ll still be by your side at decision time, but won’t influence your choice to proceed or not. If the particular franchise is a “fit”, then FranNet’s unstoppable fight to find the right concept worked like a charm. 

May 5, 2021