The Value of Community Sponsorship Involvement

Today, we’re going to talk about getting your franchise involved on the community level through sponsorship efforts. What we’re after is providing you with some sound advice on what to do, how to do it and how your business may be affected as a result. Sponsorship on a local level can do wonders for your brand if you play your cards right.

Many franchise concepts have a set budget that franchisees pay into which regulates outreach efforts such as advertising, marketing, and even public relations. But many franchise concepts also give franchisees the freedom to pursue these efforts as they see fit, provided it makes sense budget-wise and prior approval is secured.

Sponsorships at the local and community level should be viewed as a quid pro quo arrangement. You are trading dollars or other in-kind benefits for positive exposure. What type of sponsorship are we talking about? For openers, not the expensive kind. At the community level, you should be able to find a suitably priced and scalable opportunity. The trick is finding one that matches up with your customer audience. What might some of your choices be? Well, there’s fun runs (5Ks), little league teams, concerts, festivals, parades, school functions, charity drives, car shows, car washes, church functions and even contests. 

Sponsorships allow you, the franchisor, to support a cause important your customers. In a way, it gives your company a sense of purpose and a willingness to set yourself apart from your competition. And the value of the exposure of your involvement provided to your local consumers will be invaluable. More and more consumers report that they base their free-market choices on how a company is perceived. This represents a large shift from the past when people made decisions based mainly on both price and quality. It’s kind of an evolution of sorts.

Not to be forgotten—there are also internal benefits to participating in local community sponsorship efforts. Aside from being great fun, these events and opportunities also provide a morale boost to employees. Typically, sponsorships usually include access to special events. And these freebies can be shared with top customers, vendors and other suppliers, building further goodwill for your operation.

Lastly, local and community sponsorship provides an incredible opportunity to network! You’ll meet other sponsors, VIPs, and influential contacts. Once you become a sponsor, you may have access to the inner workings, planning meetings and appreciation events. It’s your opportunity to participate in a shared experience as an equal. Take plenty of business cards and have your 20-second elevator pitch ready

If you’re worried about the cost involved in getting behind a local or community sponsorship effort, do some research in your area. There is an opportunity for every budget if you know where to look and how to get involved.

Remember this fact: it’s known that consumers become loyal to brands they relate to. A local sponsorship is your opportunity to position your franchise as both a caring and integral part of the community in which you live and do business. If done right, the sponsorship opportunity will receive positive feedback from consumers. Which then translates into consumers obtaining a relationship with your brand and—voila! New and loyal customers.

Set aside a small marketing outreach budget for your franchise and begin investigating how you can get involved on a local level. It can open up a whole new world of possibilities. 

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May 8, 2017