There’s Still A Long Way To Go, But FranNet’s Stacy Swift Is Dedicated To Helping The Denver Kids, Inc. Organization

At FranNet, we cherish the opportunity to bring the joy of franchise business ownership to entrepreneurs in any stage of life. We love to share our client’s stories through the BE Campaign in hopes that you’ll experience a small part of what FranNet is a part of. Not only is your local consultant dedicated to the success of future franchise owners, you might just find them lending a hand elsewhere too.


FranNet of Colorado’s Stacy Swift has over 25 years of small business ownership, management, sales, and marketing experience. Stacy opened her first FranNet office in Denver in 1996 covering Colorado, Wyoming, & Montana. However, when Stacy isn’t working to match clients with their ideal franchise, she spends time with the Denver Kids, Inc. Organization. The main goal of the program is to help kids graduate from high school. In many cases, the child will be the first in his/her family to do so. Kids in the program are primarily from single parent homes and they live close to, if not in, poverty.

“They simply need an outside friend or support person to help them understand that they have hope and that they can grow up to be productive, valuable members of society,” said Stacy. “They can get a solid education to help them become whatever they choose to be in their lives.”


Stacy first learned of the organization nearly 25 years ago when looking for place to volunteer and give back to the community. Since then, she has served three terms on their Board of Directors, coming in at 9 years total. Currently, she contributes by donating $2,500 per year, a commitment that supports her overall goal of $12,500 in five years. She also spends time as a mentor to a young girl, who was matched with Stacy when she was ten and is now fourteen.

“I felt that I had a very fortunate upbringing, with loving parents, a great family, and a wonderful education,” said Stacy. “I simply wanted to help someone who was less fortunate than I was.”

What never fails to bring a smile (and plenty of laughter) to Stacy and her mentees are the wacky conversations that enrich their time together. She has heard it all, from a mentee stating she was “like a kid who never grew up” to a time when she was in her car and, out of the blue, her mentee said, “Stacy, what’s a hemorrhoid?” Stacy pulled over and had a full discussion about hemorrhoids! “It took everything I had to not crack up,” said Stacy.


The Denver Kids, Inc. organization is able to add more staff and counselors every year, thus serving more kids. Anyone can donate directly to the organization on their website, or they can volunteer to be a mentor! Time donations are just as valuable as monetary donations.

“It has definitely made me more grateful for all that I have.  It had made me realize that, although we aren’t all dealt the same hand in life, we really aren’t any different. Probably most importantly, it’s taught me that money doesn’t buy happiness.  Attitude is so much more important than material things.”


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Jul 16, 2015