Tips on Hiring an Exceptional Staff

We’re getting closer and closer to the end of the year, so in this edition of FranNet’s blog, we’re going to jump ahead of the usual starting point of convincing you that franchising is a smart move. Today, we’ll be pretending that you’ve already investigated, selected and purchased a franchise of your very own. It’s not an existing business, but one you’ll be starting from scratch. Congratulations! You’re now your own boss. But wait—you now have to hire a staff to support your franchise. Where to begin? Fear not, we have tips on hiring an exceptional staff.

Having a brand behind your business is what franchising is all about. But your biggest asset has everything in common with a typical small business. You’re only as good as the employees who represent your organization. Now, not every franchise concept out there requires a staff, but many do. For this exercise, let’s assume you’re going to need a staff of 5-10 employees.

The roles of your new employees must be well-defined. Do not begin the interview process without fully completed job descriptions for each role. Include these with any targeted ad offering the job. It serves a dual purpose. It sets your expectations for the employee and sets the employee’s expectations for the job. 

Before you head out to and post the job openings, you might want to do a little networking first. Ask around friends and family and see if you might be able to pick up a recommendation or two. Most people will only vouch for someone personally if they happen to believe the individual to be a dependable asset.

If you’re smart, you’ll want to set the tone for a specific corporate culture of your own. This will center on what type of boss you intend to be and how you’ll interact with your staffers. Think back to the many jobs you’ve held over the years. Where did you feel appreciated? Where was it that you felt valued? What positions did you hold where you were unhappy and what made you that way? Conducting this introspective exercise can help you create the best attributes of a corporate culture of your own. Now, to find out what type of employees will fit within the framework…

Because your franchise is a customer-facing business, you’re going to want employees who you can trust to deal with the public. Being a good judge of character is extraordinarily important when it comes to the interview process. Seek out and look for folks who have that certain charm, maybe even a spark. Envision how they might interact with your customers. A solid history of customer service jobs with a good recommendation or two will usually be a lock.

Don’t be afraid to go with your gut on an employment decision, but it also never hurts to have a second opinion. If your interviewing process goes into a second round on particular candidates, bring that second opinion to the table and garner their assessment as well.

Finding the right set of employees may take some time to get right, but its importance never diminishes. Remember, you’re only as good as the employees you retain.


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Dec 19, 2017