Top-6 Sales Boosting Ideas

As you ruminate on what life will be like when you’re at the helm of your own franchise, one aspect of your business will remain consistent—the need to increase sales volume to drive profitability. Head to the bookstore and you’re likely to encounter an entire section of shelves dedicated to the latest and greatest sales initiatives. But how relevant are they to addressing sales in the franchising world? Fear not, we already went to the bookstore, read the titles and distilled some of the best sales boosting ideas for franchise operations. Let’s get to it:

First, you must assess…

Running a franchise in a competitive landscape can be a real challenge. Especially if you’re hyper-focused on your own business while ignoring what’s going on in your industry as a whole. A constant assessment of your business and how your product or service fits into the sales equation is necessary to make an educated analysis of your next moves. Don’t let the bottom line sneak up on you, as this is often a trigger for an overreaction. Stay informed and stay rational about the overall business outlook.

Diversify your value proposition

As a franchisee, you’ll sell a product or service to the general population. Is that product or service enough? Is there something additional you can add, at no real cost, to provide extra value to your consumer? You need to be seen as more than a provider. You need to be seen as a resource.

Get a second opinion. Then a third…

As a franchisee owner, you should know your customers almost as well as they know themselves. Feedback is so critical, yet so few business owners take the time to actually solicit opinions. You can’t sit back and wait for positive and negative reviews on Yelp to appear. Engage with your customers. Find out what they like about your operation. And what they don’t like. Then, adjust your efforts accordingly.

Increase your exposure

If the extent of your outreach efforts begin and end with the Open or Closed sign in your door, you know you can do better. Find different and innovative ways to get your brand’s name out there—by any means. Sponsor a 5k, take out a targeted Facebook or Google Ad buy. Join the local Chamber of Commerce. Join the Rotary Club. Volunteer for a charitable organization. Above all, get involved somehow, some way!

Go to the show

Have you attended any type of a trade show, seminar or expo in your franchise brand’s field? If not, why not? A few moments of cursory searches on the Internet may reveal opportunities close to you and worth your time. You may learn many things by attending, the least of which would presumably include boosting your sales volume.

Inventory your inventory process

Are you overstocked? Under stocked? You won’t know if you’re operating at peak capacity if you don’t regularly check in with your inventory process. If you have shelves to stock, don’t overstock. Take the savings and apply it to outreach. Expanded outreach includes the possibility of expanded sales.

These six sales boosting techniques are but a few ideas to help generate the initiative you need to get your franchise sales where you want them to be. There are dozens of other techniques. Don’t be afraid to try experimentation. Because trial and error is the byproduct of future success.

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Jul 11, 2017