Top Canadian Franchises; Why They Lead

Transitioning from the cumbersome shackles of corporate work to the spacious leg room of owning your own business is undoubtedly exhilarating. However, becoming an established franchisee is not merely a case of finally being able to set your preferred working hours. Behind each top Canadian franchise are core elements of success.


The start of all top Canadian franchises have been the vision and commitment of the franchisor. In 1954, an Illinois-based salesman named Ray Kroc received a large order for his multi-milkshake mixers from brothers Dick and Mac McDonald for their drive-thru restaurant in Southern California. Impressed by their fast and efficient service, Kroc made a proposal to the McDonald brothers to start franchising their concept. In 1955, the first McDonald’s Restaurant opened and those late night greasy food binges we all love were born.

The Plan 

What should naturally follow the right vision is the right business plan. A business plan usually contains five main sections and covers objectives, the product or service, pricing methods, customer base, and competition. The business plans of top Canadian franchises anticipate not only immediate challenges and opportunities, but also those of the future.


Top Canadian franchises are constantly marketing their product or service. Corporate may provide marketing support at both the national and local levels. Franchisees are also responsible for communicating their message to their community. This may include media coverage, advertisements, promotional items, direct-mail campaigns, e-blasts and more. Additionally, for today’s franchisors and franchisees, knowing how to connect with your customers through social media is essential.


Top Canadian franchises have a recognizable brand that plants a clear image in the mind of the consumer. Consistency is key so customers can expect the same level of service, quality and experience at any location they visit. Franchisees are provided with a set of brand guidelines to ensure this consistency and help protect the brand standards.


Top Canadian franchises practice good franchisor/franchisee relationships to uphold and protect the quality of their product or service. This requires active support, training, and communication. Successful franchisors and franchisees also strive to form similar relationships with their employees by treating them fairly and equally, communicating with them clearly, and setting reasonable and achievable expectations for their performance.

Hiring Process 

Top Canadian franchises use a thorough hiring process to ensure that their business is presented in the best way possible. When customers are given a positive experience, they are sure to come back.


Top Canadian franchises know that in order to survive, they must adapt to the changes around them. This includes keeping up with technological trends, analyzing and learning from the competition, and even updating equipment to maintain the interest of customers and consequently annual revenue.

The key to owning and operating a top Canadian franchise is multi-layered and involves passion, ingenuity and perseverance. However, you do not have to navigate this process alone. FranNet is a franchise consulting company that assists you in all aspects of exploring franchise ownership with services that are renowned and at no cost to you. By helping you locate your desired business opportunity and putting you in touch with valuable resources in the franchising industry, FranNet provides you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

Jul 29, 2015