Top Franchises in NY Making Dreams Happen: 3 More Things You Missed at IFE 2015

The 2015 International Franchise Expo was a huge success, drawing in premium franchises and enthusiastic business prospectors from around the world for an exciting two-day event in New York’s Javits Center. Everywhere you looked, you would be staring at one of the top franchises in NY. The event was a memorable one that sparked self-starter dreams for thousands of people, but we are already eyeing big things for 2016, as is often the case with goal-oriented franchisees.


Read on to find out what you missed, and get all the info you need to decide whether or not to slot this event into your itinerary for 2016!


IFE 2015 – Sparking Self-Starters’ Dreams


The notion of working for oneself is incredibly appealing. Most people want this “luxury,” and fantasize about being their own boss. Unfortunately, the fear of failure and the unknown has kept many people from realizing their self-starting dreams.


And yet, there are tons of people out there working for themselves! You may have overhead them at a party talking excitedly about setting their own hours and how empowered they are by self-sufficiency. How do these people get over their fear?


Franchising is the way in! Franchises have proliferated the global market to the point where you probably frequent many without even realizing it. Every time you eat at a Pita Pit, Golden Corral, or Smoke’s Poutinery, you are supporting self-starters who found a safer way into their chosen industry, as well as some of the top franchises in NY.


But what makes franchising so appealing to the self-starter? The only thing some people know about franchise ownership is the term “franchising fees,” and they get discouraged by what they perceive as an additional expense. The truth is that franchising offers stability, support, and a roadmap for success; this is the value that our team at FranNet have been trying to bring to the attention of American business people for years. We guide you to your dream job drawn from a pool of the top franchises in NY.


Franchise ownership lets you self-start without being all by yourself. You benefit from a proven business model, and gain access to an established market where demand is proven. You are typically given the option to invest in your franchise’s refined marketing and promotional campaigns, and get to take the mantle of a brand name franchise that has already developed a trusted relationship with the American public. This reduces the strain usually felt during the first year of business where you normally need to slog away pushing word-of-mouth references to generate business and attention for an unknown commodity. You also get training, on-going support, and coaching from established members, eliminating the trial by fire most business owners need to run through.


IFE 2015 helped thousands of people from all over the world realize the value of the franchising system so that they could chase down their dreams of working for themselves. Over 450 top global franchises set up at the Javits Center, and if you weren’t there, you missed out! Here’s a small sample of what you missed, and three reasons why you need to save a spot at the 2016 expo.


  • Education and exploration – The event boasted over 70 free seminars and symposia, as well as representatives for over 450 of the top franchises in NY and around the world. This event was the equivalent of an interactive FranNet NJ NYC experience, as you are guided around and given valuable insight about which franchise opportunity might suit you best in the future. Whether you were looking to enter another franchise family to further diversify your portfolio, or wanted some introductory information about franchising in general, this was the event for you!
  • Networking opportunities – Thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs converged at one amazing event, and many valuable relationships were formed. If you needed to find a new supplier, recruit experts to add branches to your business, or check out a franchise opportunity in any industry, IFE 2015 was your one-stop shop! The networking alone should put the IFE on top of your list for 2016.
  • Fun for the whole family – IFE 2015 was fun; many people brought their families and had a blast touring through a charged atmosphere filled with interactive events. Pound away on the speed-bag at a kickboxing fitness franchise booth, or indulge in some samples from food samples from some of the top franchises in NY and globally!

To learn more about IFE 2015, and to start planning for next year’s event, visit to learn more about the best weekend in business!

Jun 29, 2015